7 Best Online Learning Platforms

Do you want to find a reason to spend all day watching YouTube?

If so, continue reading until the end. We’ll go over some of the best educational YouTube channels in India.

If you are a frequent Internet user, you are already familiar with YouTube as a platform. Anyone with an Internet connection can view the video content shared by online creators on the platform. You can also create a channel and share your skills online if you have something to share.

Internet usage in India has increased. After that, the era of online reading began. You can go through this article about it if you or your child is also looking for the best YouTube channel for your educational purpose.

1.    Vista’s Learning

Vista Learning gives students the ability to learn online whenever and wherever they want. The same curriculum is made more interesting with a combination of learning tools such as live classes, concept videos, practice modules, quizzes, & revision tests, as well as other e-learning materials that make learning enjoyable and simple. Their graphic based learning experience on YouTube channel & the live revision classes are cherry on the cake for high school students. They focus on providing quality education for CBSE & state board students.

2. Magnet Brains

Magnet Brains is a software company that also offers free online classes and a teaching platform. There are 8.86 million subscribers and 29k videos on the platform. The channel focuses on assisting students in easily understanding concepts and topics as well as preparing for various examinations such as CBSE/NCERT, IIT/JEE/NEET, UPSC/SSC, and others.

Magnet Brains offers complete courses from kindergarten to high school. As a result, it is the most popular YouTube channel for CBSE students studying for exams in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, and Social Science.

3. Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah, a YouTube channel, is popular among students preparing for engineering or medical entrance exams. Alakh Pandey Sir founded this channel. Students in classes 11th and 12th are taught science on this channel. He was all alone when he started this channel and used to teach Physics and Chemistry.

Within three months, this YouTube channel grew in popularity, leading to the team’s expansion. Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics teachers are now assisting him. Physics Wallah is one of India’s best educational YouTube channels with over 9.5 million followers.

4. Khan GS Research Center

Faizal Kahan, also known as Khan Sir, founded the Khan GS Research Centre. Khan GS Research Centre is one of India’s top educational YouTube channels with more than 20 million followers & best example of interactive learning. Because of Mr Khan, this YouTube channel became an instant hit within the young population. Students easily grasp what he teaches and explains, making it the most popular YouTube channel.

On Khan sir YouTube channel one can prepare for various centre and state-level exams on this channel, including UPSC, PSC, BPSC, SSC, Bank, Rly, Airforce, NDA, CDS, CAPF, CPO, and other competitive examinations.

5. LearnoHub

LearnoHub provides a wide range of free video maths lessons for students in grades 6 through 12. LearnoHub has more than 2.6 million subscribers, making it one of the most popular video lesson channels covering all CBSE classes.

LearnoHub is a popular YouTube channel for CBSE Classes 9-10 for all subjects, with nearly 165,000 subscribers. The channel offers chapter-by-chapter video tutorials that explain all concepts and tricks for in-depth learning to help students prepare for the exam.

6. Bodhaguru

With over 1.2 million subscribers, the mathematics and science up to Class 10 YouTube channel Bodhaguru is very well-liked. For Class 10 students, a better learning experience is offered by the channel’s more than 100 educational videos that cover almost all topics and include examples and straightforward explanations. In both Hindi and English, Bodhaguru has a particularly extensive library of maths videos.

They have a small passionate team with a dream to use technology (animated videos, interactive books, and apps) to make school learning interesting, relevant, and affordable for every child on the planet. The entire learning experience revolves around a fun-and-learn methodology that employs short moral stories, practical examples, and straightforward explanations.

7. Ganit Guru

Ganit Guru is a good choice for Class 10 students who want to improve their maths skills. It’s one of the most popular mathematics channels on YouTube, with over 176k subscribers. Ganit Guru provides topic-specific video lectures in both English and Hindi, making them accessible to a diverse group of students. The videos are well-produced and make difficult concepts understandable.

The above links are enough to know about any basic educational content irrespective of location in the world. As a result, there is no need to keep a strict schedule or commute from one location to another. Therefore, you not only save time but also money that may be used for other objectives.

Now you have more opportunities than ever before to learn important lessons in an interesting, fun, and participatory way thanks to the availability of educational YouTube channels accessible to us.

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