10 Affordable Countries to Pursue Masters in Data Science

Modern tools and techniques are used in the field of study known as “Data Science” to examine large amounts of figures in order to find hidden patterns, gather important information, and make commercial decisions. Data science uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to build prediction models.

The information used for analysis can be given in a variety of formats and come from a wide range of sources. Data science, to put it simply, is the process of gaining knowledge from the information you collect using various approaches. As a data scientist, you take a challenging business issue, gather information about it, turn it into data, and then utilize the data to address the issue. How should you proceed, and what does this mean for you specifically?

A postgraduate degree called “Masters in Data Science” examines scientific, statistical, processing, and system methods to extract knowledge from both organized and unstructured data. The course is planned for students who are eager to join the teams of data scientists that interpret data using a variety of tools and procedures.

You surely have both a deep comprehension of the commercial field and a ton of imagination, which are all that are required. Data science is particularly interested in fraud, particularly online fraud. Here, data scientists use their expertise to design algorithms that can spot fraud and stop it. You may get started by reading this lesson on data science!

The study and investigation of data with the purpose of identifying patterns are known as data science. To provide a meaningful interpretation of data for use in decision-making and development, data scientists use tools, strategies, and theories. As a result, most colleges classify it as a professional degree and a STEM subject.

Algorithms are certainly familiar to you from the world of computer science, so you won’t likely be surprised to learn that data scientists use them to store, process, and analyze data. From business to healthcare, data science is employed widely to enhance efficiency and results.

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There are numerous regions of emphasis in data science, frequently referred to as a cycle or phases. When pursuing a degree in the field, one may become knowledgeable in all areas or in just one. The phases of data science are typical as follows:

  • · Gathering data
  • · Retaining and storing data
  • · Data processing
  • · Data analysis, testing, and interpretation
  • · Delivering findings and recommendations
  • Affordable countries to pursue Data Science 


Canada is a great country for anyone who wants to live there permanently. Today, obtaining a PR is simple, and there is a high need for ML, AI, and DS professionals. Though not quite cheap, it is less expensive than in the USA.

International students prefer to study in Canada, where prestigious universities offer top-notch data science and analytics courses. Canada offers its pupils high-paying jobs and an inexpensive cost of living. There are fantastic options for Data Science jobs in Canada.

The University of British Columbia: The University of Toronto focuses on developing abilities linked to both computer science and statistics, preparing graduates to manage complex data difficulties. The Master’s in Data Analytics from UBC Canada is recognized to be one of the top career-oriented courses.

The MSc in Data Analytics program at Ryerson University, which McGill University developed to aid students in mastering data analytics technologies, enables graduates to develop a highly specialized technical and practical understanding of data analytics.


Reasons to study in Germany include cutting-edge technology, hands-on education, and quality internship programs.

Data Science in Germany has some of the best programs and tuition-free universities in the world for studying data science. German data science students benefit from direct instruction from professionals in the field in the areas of statistics, analysis, and computation. In addition, through internships in high-tech enterprises and businesses that the universities partner with, they also get to encounter real-life issues in the industry.

Additionally, you have the 18-month stay-back term, which enables you to continue living and working in Germany after receiving your degree. However, do not travel unless you can speak German, at least at a B1 level. The work market is difficult for those who don’t speak the language.

Some of the top data science universities in the country are the Technical University Munich, the University of Tubingen, the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the Indiana University International University of Applied Sciences, and the International School of Management. Reasons include cutting-edge technology, hands-on education, and quality internship programs.

These are some of the top Data science universities in Germany.

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, International School of Management, IU International University of Applied Sciences.


Italy attracts certain tourists because of its rich social history, diverse cultures, notable wealth, and exquisite cuisine. In addition, Italy provides outstanding and reasonably priced education.

The oldest university in any field is thought to be the University of Bologna, founded in 1088. Today, Italy is home to many notable institutions for higher learning. As a result, many Italian institutions do well in the QS World University Rankings, consistently placing in the top 200.

Applied Data Science for Banking and Finance -Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Gavardo in Italy is considered one of the best programs.

Studying in Italy will cost you between INR 75,000 and 4 lakhs ($900 to 5,000) in tuition fees year and between INR 7 lakhs and INR 10 lakhs ($600 to $1,000) in living expenses annually.


Poland, a reputable European country with a long history and a variety of good college degrees provided in English, is where some of the oldest institutions are located. Due to its reasonable living costs and other costs (such as food and transportation), it is one of the preferred educational institutions for Indian students.

Master in Data Science and Business Analytics – the University of Warsaw is considered one of the best programs.

Tuition fees range from INR 2 to INR 4 lakhs per year, and living costs range from INR 3 to INR 5 lakhs annually.


Denmark has excellent instruction and observant lecturers. Graduates from Danish universities who are from abroad express high levels of satisfaction with their time spent studying and residing in Denmark. Numerous American universities consistently receive high rankings among the world’s top schools and universities. People who have lived there are certainly familiar with the Danish idea of “hygge,” which refers to the happiness and contentment that come from living in the now. It is also one of the happiest countries in the world.

Smaller class sizes allow Danish teachers to focus on each student’s learning and development while encouraging pupils’ social skills. In addition, Danish universities provide data science programs that will give you a strong academic foundation in huge data analysis as well as constructive experience using real-world case studies.

Denmark’s top-notch university institutions make it a fantastic location to study data science. The Danish universities with the best data science programs are Copenhagen Business School, Technical University of Denmark, and IT University of Copenhagen.

M.Sc. in Data Science – IT University of Copenhagen is among the best programs.

Tuition fees range from DKK 45,000 to DKK 120,000 per year, or INR 4.5 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs while living costs range from DKK 6,000 to DKK 10,000 per month or INR 7.5 Lakhs to INR 11 Lakhs, each year.


Belgium is often regarded as the geographic center of Western Europe and serves as the official headquarters of the European Union. It is also the location of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, making it a political center and the residence of numerous data science specialists.

Bachelor in Information Management and Multimedia – International Data Science, Protection & Security specialization – Thomas More University of Applied Sciences is considered one of the best programs.

Tuition fees in Belgium range from EUR 900 to EUR 4,000 per year, costing between INR 70,000 and INR 3.5 lakhs. Living expenses range from EUR 700 to EUR 1,200 per month, costing between INR 7 and INR 11 lakhs annually.


Reasons include free tuition, a welcoming learning environment, and a high standard of instruction. Another excellent country for studying data science in Norway; it is a developed country with excellent educational institutions and universities. The government finances the majority of the public and private universities in the nation and, as a result, offers free tuition to everyone, including international students. However, the expense of living in the nation is quite high. Therefore, students may also work part-time to assist with covering living costs and other costs.

The importance of equality in Norwegian society is reflected in the institutions that educate its citizens. The best professors are those who allow students to question what they have been taught in order to develop their critical thinking skills.

A few Norwegian institutions that provide data science courses include the University of Oslo,

Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media, 

BI Norwegian Business School.


Finland has excellent instruction and a welcoming learning environment.

Universities in Finland have immense value across the world for offering top-notch instruction and consistently placing highly on lists of the greatest educational institutions in Europe and the rest of the world. The foundation of the world-class educational system is equality and collaboration between academics and students. Therefore, competition is not given much attention. Instead, they would evaluate your total educational experience to determine how successful you were as a Data Science major.

You might want to think about attending the University of Helsinki, 

Aalto University, 

University of Oulu, Abo Akademi University, or Tampere University if you wish to study in Finland, one of the best countries to do so.


Reasons to study in Japan are cutting-edge technology and a wide range of work options because it is one of the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced countries; Japan is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to earn a degree and have a bright career in data science. Furthermore, as more people are needed in many areas, you will have a wide range of work opportunities available to you after graduation.

Yokohama City University, Gunma University,

Tohoku University, Shimane University, and Hiroshima University are a few of the best universities in Japan where you can study data science.


Some of Switzerland’s best-known exports are watches, dependable banks, chocolates, cheddar, fantastical locales, crystal-clear lakes, and peaceful mountains. However, many people probably aren’t aware of the fact that Switzerland also possesses one of the world’s best educational systems. The country has developed a reputation for offering a rapid pace of professional preparation and a wide range of experience.

In total, Switzerland has 12 colleges and fewer foundations for further education that explicitly prepare students for exams. Eight of these universities are listed in the QS World University Rankings, with ETH Zurich, which is ranked number 10, standing out as having excellent data science courses and a high placement rate.

Master’s in Statistics and Data Science -University of Bern is considered one of the best programs. Studying in Switzerland will cost you between CHF 500 and 2,000 every semester, between INR 1.2 and 4 lakhs, between CHF 1,400 and 1,800 per month, or between INR 10 and 14 lakhs, for living expenses.

Jobs for Data Science Masters Degree Holders

One of the most sought-after disciplines for Indian students studying abroad is now data science. The proper quantity of learning is required for the study of data science, coupled with a lot of training sessions in national and international businesses to develop the greatest talent. When it comes to the employment features of earning a Master’s in Data Science, individuals who have graduated successfully might anticipate making a respectable amount depending on their job location. Additionally, the pay would steadily rise as the candidate’s expertise and experience in data analysis increased.

Careers in data science and analytics that are in demand include:

  • · An expert in data.
  • · Data visualization specialist
  • · Scientist doing robotics research
  • · The engineer for machine learning
  • · Engineer for data mining
  • · Big Data solutions architect
  • · AI researcher
  • · Business intelligence analyst


There is no ideal or undesirable nation for pursuing a master’s degree in data science. There are some mandatory modules at every university for the skills. If you choose to study abroad, you should research the career opportunities in data science in each country. Although the US is the top country for data science employment (in terms of high-paying professions), it is not the greatest place to take this course. Many UK colleges offer master’s degrees in this area, but once again, it depends on the modules you want to take to acquire a certain set of abilities or expertise. Data science occupations will also increase in other nations in a few years. Ultimately, it depends on the university you want to graduate from and your long-term objectives.

The best universities to study MS in Data Science will include many US institutions. But other institutions, including those in Canada (the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Mc Gill University, etc.), Germany (LMU, TU Munich, etc.), the United Kingdom (London School of Economics, University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, etc.), Australia (the University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, etc.), and other European nations (France, Sweden, Norway, etc.) are also excellent places to study this course.

To remain competitive, the business sector depends heavily on analyzing, rating, and optimizing performance—and data scientists make this possible. A Master’s in Data Science will teach you how to use data, which will lead to a wealth of employment prospects that could take you anywhere around the globe.

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