Guide to Earn International Safety Accreditation for Your Organisation

Organizations today have a fair understanding of the importance of health and safety in the workplace. They are adopting newer methods to improve the safety standards and workplace health culture. A part of this is also because of how generation Z is shaping the workforce and the workplace. 

This newest generation of employees is all set to bring about a revolution in the workplace. Besides demanding competitive salaries, top-notch training, continuous feedback, and transparency, they also need safety. Not only physical but also psychological. They are sensitive to safety at the workplace, given their awareness and knowledge about all things that can go wrong. 

Generation Z leans toward companies that value their employees and care for their wellbeing. Perhaps the easiest way to aim for the well-being of your employees is by practicing and promoting a health and safety culture. Ensuring a good health and safety culture will help to attract top talents and retain your existing workforce. But how do you know you are doing it the right way? 

When councils who excel at workplace health and safety recognize you, it surely means that you are on the right path. Awards and recognition are positive reinforcements. They are external motivators capable of producing internal motivation in your employees to keep practicing safety behaviors and enhance a good health culture at your organization. It drives them not only to take responsibility for their own actions but also to feel responsible for those around them. 

One such safety award is the International Safety Awards. It is one of the well-known safety awards, popular for its impact. 

What is the International Safety Award?

The International Safety award is one of the globally recognized Health and Safety Awards. It is organized by the British Safety Council, a dynamic firm serving other companies to ensure zero injuries or illness in the workplace.

With this impressive endeavor, their aim is to recognize organizations committed to the health, safety, and wellbeing of their workers. But these awards are more than just a means to appreciate; they are a means to motivate your employees to continue displaying safe behavior. Secondly, these awards put you on an international pedestal. You are in the same pool as other well-known, well-established organizations that adhere to top-notch safety practices. They have displayed why they are the best time and again. 

Thirdly, they make you a leader in the field of occupational safety. When you are awarded for your practices, you become a role model – an example of how firms should be. This puts you on the radar. Furthermore, it also makes it easier to attract new talent and investors to partner with your company. 

How to Apply for International Safety Awards?

The application process for the British Safety Council’s International Safety Awards is quick and straightforward. All you need to do is follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, visit the British Safety Council India’s website. 
  • Next, click on the ‘Awards and events’ tab present on the top of the screen.
  • On clicking the tab, you will be presented with three options – Awards, Events, and Awards and event testimonials. 
  • Click on the Awards section and then on ‘International Safety Awards.’
  • You will be directed to the awards page. Here, go to the ‘How can I apply?’ section and request a callback. A representative from the organization will reach out to you, explain the process, and address your concerns. 

There are several categories to which your companies can apply. Some of these categories consider the organisation as a single unit, whereas some focus on the entrepreneurs themselves. Furthermore, some awards are dedicated solely to the transformational journey of the companies. It focuses on the planning, use of information, and implementation. The best part? These health and safety awards have seven categories to which you can apply for free. You do not have to purchase an International Safety Award application. 

Final Thoughts:

Although workplaces are continuously undergoing change with a new generation of employees walking in, there is one thing that should not change. And that is the dedication to keeping the workplace safe and healthy for everyone. It contributes to your organization’s efficiency and improves your employee’s well-being. 

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