Differences between ICSE and CBSE Board of Education

Providing your child with the best education is something that parents are always worried about. Most parents are confused about choosing the boards – ICSE vs CBSE.

Everyone wants the best education for their child. You need to choose the right board for your kid because that will help nurture your child for growth. After all, they are going to lead future generations.

The top education boards are ICSE and CBSE. Let us know the difference between these boards.


The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) was established by the Local Examinations Syndicate of the University of Cambridge. The ICSE examination is conducted for class 10 students, and the ISC or Indian School Certificate Examination is conducted for class 12 students.


CBSE board is the primary education board for school students in India. It is responsible for conducting school-level and national-level examinations. The minimum eligibility for the national level exam is higher education. The national level entrance examinations are mainly for those trying for admission in different engineering and medical courses. There are more than 220 CBSE affiliated schools outside India.


While both these boards cover the same subjects, the difference lies in their approach, teaching methodologies, learning outcomes, and syllabus. A parent needs to select the right board as it will decide the future of the child and his overall development.

Syllabus – While CBSE focuses primarily on Mathematics and Science ICSE board gives equal importance to all the subjects such as Science, Arts, Commerce, Maths, etc. Another significant difference is that the CBSE syllabus is designed to deliver the concepts in a light and efficient way. In contrast, on the ICSE board, the syllabus structure is very detailed.

Teaching Methodology – ICSE board teaching methodology is inclined towards theoretical concepts and real-life ideas, whereas CBSE is more inclined towards delivering the subject matter in the easiest way possible.

Number of Subjects – The total number of subjects covered under the CBSE board is less than that of ICSE. If you talk about the scope of the syllabus, then ICSE has a lot more to offer than CBSE.

Competitive Edge – The information covered in the CBSE syllabus is essential for various competitive examinations such as NEET, IIT-JEE, and others held at the national level. But the ICSE board does not emphasize these areas in particular.

Option of Transfer – Parents who need to move a lot because of their work should prefer CBSE. As there are multiple schools on the CBSE board, it is quite probable that you will

get one no matter where you go in India.

Grading System – The competitive touch is very light in CBSE. They follow a grading system and focus on learning aspects. Whereas in ICSE, students are evaluated based on their scores which keeps the competition ongoing from a young age itself.

So which one is the most preferable?

As you have gone through all the differences between ICSE and CBSE, it should be easy to decide which board you prefer. In short, if you want your child to focus on career goals, CBSE would be the best option.

On the other hand, if you are looking for overall personality development, skill development, and overall growth, then ICSE is what you should go for. There are several other factors as well that matter. For example, you would like to see their teaching methodology, online learning process, assessment policies, and even co-curricular activities.


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