10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Cyber Security

Now that many businesses use cloud-based software, social media presence, and internet banking to grow, it is inescapable to avoid the internet as a medium. That’s why Cyber Security has become one of the topmost concerns worldwide. 

Almost every industry is getting armed with a group of experts in the IT department to prevent cyberattacks. Yet, millions of people don’t pay attention to cyber security until they become victims of the next scam. Can you believe that hackers attack devices with computer access every 39 seconds? Now, that’s a hard fact to ignore on cyber security! 

It is high time to educate ourselves about Cyber Security, and this article provides just enough information to get started.  

10 Intriguing & Fascinating Facts About Cyber Security    

  1. Public wifi is a BIG-FAT NO: Man-In-The-Middle(MITM) attacks are a pretty famous threat to cyber security for the vulnerable and innocent public. Generally, public wifi comes with no cyber security, making them the best option for hackers to become a connecting point between the wifi and the user. In this case, the user passes information to the wifi through the hacker. Additionally, they can produce a fake website to pull users’ information or send a link that can send malware to the user’s device. 

In other cases, hackers create a hotspot with almost similar names to the public hotspot. Once users connect their device with a hacker’s hotspot, they can get every detail and fully access your device. As a result, in both scenarios, the users’ data is compromised as a cybersecurity breach.

  1. Alarming shortage of Cyber Security: The World Economic Forum has categorically examined and announced this year that cybersecurity professionals are highly understaffed compared to the increasing number of fraudulent internet activities. That indeed is an OMG situation for everyone worldwide as it dictates the need for a prolific army for cyber security.
  1. Industries with weak cyber security: Small businesses, the medical industry, and government bodies are at the most risk of cybercrime. Many small enterprises get shut down before entering the big race in any industry. They are an easy target for cybercriminals because these businesses mostly use cloud-based software and are prone to phishing attacks. On the other hand, medical sectors face cyber troubles every day as they don’t have robust operating systems or layers of firewalls that can boost cybersecurity. 

The lack of system updates makes government bodies eye candy for numerous internet intruders. In many cases, government bodies do not notify bugs issues to the company that provided the software, which reduces their cyber security.

  1. Prolonged time in detecting viruses: Different viruses have unique methods of attacking devices. Ransomware viruses will start corrupting files as soon as the user downloads them. Some viruses start replicating themselves before attacking, and then there is a Trojan virus that can compromise users’ data and act as a spy. Thus, the virus behaves as it is programmed to perform, and viruses can enter a system through emails, unprotected links, etc. 

The system detects a virus when it starts attacking, which is a significant drawback of cybersecurity. Scanning, interception, integrity checking, and heuristic detections help locate viruses. However, it takes six months to detect a virus, especially if it’s a new virus.          

  1. Hackers’ favorite is Social media: A data highlights that there are five hundred thousand users every day. As a lack of cybersecurity, social media users have become the favorite target of cybercriminals. Like-jacking (creating fake like button) and link-jacking (redirecting users to malware-infected web pages) are some famous tricks from attackers’ pockets. 

Phishing and social spam are also becoming popular among internet intruders. These are known threats to cybersecurity that people should be aware of. Cybersecurity on social media is not a joke, but it is necessary now.  

  1. Multifactor Authentication(MFA) to fight back:  FBI, the U.S National security organization highly recommends using MFA as a cybersecurity tool to add multiple layers of protection. MFA adds a thick wall to cybersecurity, and users of this tool face lesser cyberattacks. MFA as a cybersecurity tool makes hackers’ work more challenging.  
  1. Easily exploitable computer tools: Software vulnerability is one of the topmost concerns in cyber security. Software products with less protection tend to get infected easily and harm the whole system, which can shake a vast empire as owners don’t pay attention to cybersecurity. Just imagine one wrong click or avoidance of mandatory software updates can weaken the cyber security of any business. Hence, users should take software updates seriously and be vigilant on the internet. 
  1. Maps with real-time cyber-attack updates: People around the world are aware that hackers mostly pick prominent countries to commit fraudulent activity. Thus, maps on real-time cyber attacks or breaches in cyber security worldwide stand as precautionary information. Insights and recommendations like this in real-time protect customers from cyber-attacks through every stage of their digital transformation. e.        
  1. Hacktivism, a huge enemy of cybersecurity: Hacktivism is one of the primary motivations for cyber attacks. Hacktivism is when an intruder enters an unauthorized network and misuses its system, and creates a cyber security breach. Hackers mostly opt for website mirroring as it is easy to fool innocent people into fulfilling their objectives and gathering information. Besides, if cybersecurity is weak coding, anonymous blogs and geo-bombing can leak sensitive data and create havoc.  
  1. Companies’ ignorance of using encryption: Several businesses need to maintain secrecy with clients for various reasons. Hence, as a part of cybersecurity, end-to-end user protection is unavoidable while passing any data. However, multiple companies don’t understand the seriousness of using encryption to strengthen their cybersecurity. As a result, such companies face numerous cyberattacks and spend a large amount of money rebuilding themselves. Encryption as a part of cyber security isn’t a joke. With a few simple steps, companies can guard their valuable data and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Therefore, even encryption can heighten the cybersecurity of a company.

These are some factual points that educate us about the importance of cyber security. App security, data security, network security, and cloud security are critical today and proper strategies can save both cost and time. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, kindle, and any electronic device needs proper cybersecurity no matter what.  


Today, anyone using a device with internet access needs to be extra careful because an internet scam can happen anytime without any knowledge. To seal the deal on cybersecurity, people must keep the above-mentioned points in their heads and up their guard. Security automation is the right approach towards this. The right investment in top security automation software will be of great benefit. Your cybersecurity is in your hands!  

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