5 Best Paraphrasing Checker Tools for Resumes

Have you heard ‘First impression is the last impression? Well, you must have heard this quote at least once if not frequently in your life.

The resume is the first impression that you give to the prospective job recruiter. So, if you want to impress the recruiter for your dream job, your impression must be totally great. It should be good enough to make you the only choice for the job.

Now, it is on you how you want the HR team to remember you because the HR teams of organizations don’t have time to review each resume in the meantime if your resume catches their eyes, you win. 

There are many things that you must consider for a very catchy resume like its structure, how clear it is, its conciseness, the vocabulary, and last but not least, no writing mistakes.

If your resume is not well-structured or you are using poor vocabulary with grammatical mistakes in the sentences you can never convince the HR team to hire you.

Because your first impression is telling them that you are not illegible, and that is something you don’t want them to think.

So, hold your horses!

If you don’t know how to create a great resume technology can help you. You can use an online paraphrase generator to create an outstanding resume.

Don’t know which paraphrasing tool to use? 

Here, we will discuss the 5 best paraphrasing tools to help you with your resume.

05 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Resume

  1. Paraphraser

First, in our list, we have Paraphraser.io. This paraphrasing tool uses three powerful technologies ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ ‘Machine Learning,’ and ‘Natural Language Processing’ to rewrite content given by the user.

This tool can be a great help to you to create your resume. 

All you have to do is, go to Google and search for resumes according to your area of the field, and you will find multiple templates and even complete resumes that you can use for creating your resume.

Once you decided on the information that you want to use from online templates or resumes, just copy the text and paste it into this paraphrasing tool, and select a mode. And let the tool do the remaining work for you. 

The tool offers plenty of great features to its users which makes it a great option for creating your resume.

  • Different Modes to Rewrite The Text

This paraphrasing tool comes with four different modes ‘Fluency,’ ‘Standard,’ ‘Creative,’ and ‘Smart.’ You can use any mode to rewrite information for your resume.

If you find any resume online that mentioned some promising skills which you can relate to and you want to use it without doing many changes, you can go with the ‘Fluency’ or ‘Standard’ mode.

If you want to do some changes to the source text like adding vocabulary, you can go with ‘Creative’ or ‘Smart’ mode.

All four modes of this paraphrasing tool ensure accuracy and uniqueness in the generated content.

  • Rewrite Content in Different Languages

If you are applying for an international job and their requirement is to send a resume in their native language like ‘French’ or ‘German’ what will you do then?

It is okay if you don’t know either French or German, you don’t have to lose hope for your dream job. You can use the paraphrasing tool to write your resume.

This paraphrasing tool is designed with the NLP technology that powers the tool to understand and paraphrase the content in multiple languages.

Type your resume in English in a separate notepad or a txt file, copy the text, select your desired language from the dropdown list, and let the tool rewrite your resume in your specified language, as shown below:

In this image, you can see that we selected the ‘French’ language from the dropdown list and paste our original text in English and the tool paraphrases it into French. This is how you can use this tool for creating a resume in almost any language.

  • Free to use

This paraphrasing tool is completely free to use. However, it also comes in premium packages you can go for both free or paid versions depending on your choice and need.

  1. Paraphrasing-tool

Next, we have Paraphrasing-tool. This paraphrasing tool is great at rewriting complex text to make it more readable and clear.

Both readability and clarity are important to create a resume that stands out from the crowd. You can use this paraphrasing tool in just three simple steps:

  • Copy/paste or type the text into the input box
  • Select your required language
  • Hit the ‘Rephrase’ button and you are done

Once you hit the ‘Rephrase’ button, the tool will start paraphrasing text by making it simple and clear so that the HR team can understand it and the generated text will be so natural therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting caught.

This paraphrasing tool is recommended because of its great features, some of which are discussed below.

  • Ensures human readability

One of the features of this sophisticated paraphrase generator is its human-level paraphrasing. Each and every person will be able to grasp the paraphrased text you receive from this tool. 

Unlike other paraphrase tools, this doesn’t randomly replace words with meaningless synonyms. Since it generates text by paraphrasing it at a human level, you won’t find any inconsistencies in it.

As you can see in this example:

Original Text:

Paraphrased Text:

  • Clarity is ensured

When writing your resume, it’s possible that you’ll use words that aren’t well-defined or make other grammatical errors. 

But with this paraphrasing tool, you can submit a resume to the HR team that is clear without any writing errors.

You can insert text into the tool, and it will analyze the text and replace any unclear or repetitive phrases with new, more precise phrases.

  • Keeps the natural flow intact

This online paraphrasing tool will provide you with instantaneously paraphrased text while preserving the natural flow of the original language. 

Now, you don’t have to worry if you can not write a resume that sounds natural, this tool will change the wording of paragraphs you enter, but the meaning of the original text will be intact.

  1. Paraphrase-online

Next, we have Paraphrase-online, you may easily and accurately paraphrase resumes, sentences, and paragraphs with the help of this tool. The tool requires no special training or expertise to operate.

Because of its user-friendliness, the tool is suitable for use by both beginners and professionals. The tool’s design prioritized ease of use, making it possible for virtually anyone to quickly and accurately paraphrase any given piece of text.

Along with its user-friendly interface, the tool offers other great features, which are discussed below.

  • Fast and accurate paraphrasing

As we mentioned previously, this paraphrasing tool is best for both beginners and professionals the reason is it’s fast and accurate paraphrasing.

The tool takes input text from the user and after the user hits the ‘Paraphrase’ button, the tool instantly starts swapping words and phrases to make the text unique and generates results within a few seconds. 

  • AI-powered synonyms

The sophisticated AI algorithm of this paraphrasing tool does a full analysis of the text you input before making any necessary changes.

After analyzing the source text completely, the tool uses relevant and appropriate synonyms to rewrite the text, all thanks to artificial intelligence.

  1. Editpad

This paraphrasing tool is recommended to use in creating your resumes. You can use the tool to transform your information into something fresh and easily understandable by the HR team.

With the use of AI and NLP, the tool can interpret your text just like a search engine. In addition, to rewrite source text, it uses relevant synonyms in place of the original words so that the meaning is not altered.

  • Auto-grammar correction

This paraphrasing tool does not just rewrite source text with advanced vocabulary but also checks for grammatical errors in the text.

As you can see in this example:

Your resume should be grammatically correct and this is what you can do with this tool. The tool is designed with an auto-grammar correction feature.

  • Secure to use

This paraphrasing tool ensures safety by not asking users to register or sign in.

  1. Prepostseo

Last but not least, this paraphrasing tool is straightforward and user-friendly. The tool can quickly and easily rewrite any text you feed into it.

To use this tool, simply copy and paste the text from the original source into the input box. The tool will then generate the best possible rewritten content while preserving the original’s meaning.

Rather than simply delivering copied material, it rewrites it using a database of synonyms to create a new text.

  • Multiple paraphrasing modes

To make your resume the best, this paraphrasing tool offers multiple paraphrasing modes. You can pick any mode for your desired results.

Each mode rewrites text in a different manner but each mode produces fresh text that you can use in your resume.

  • Improves content quality

The prominent feature of this paraphrasing tool is that it maintains and improves the quality of the source text. 

Unlike other paraphrasing tools, that spoil the quality of the text while rewriting, this tool maintains the quality throughout, and even if the source text is not in optimal quality, it will improve the quality automatically by fixing grammatical errors etc.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, we discussed the 5 best paraphrasing tools along with their features that everyone can use to create their resumes without worrying about the quality and the structure.

Although all of these tools are great, we recommend using the one by Editpad and Prepostseo. The former is free to use and it does not require any sort of sign-up. On the other hand, Prepostseo gives good results that are free from grammatical errors…if you choose the right mode.

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