How Can You Publish Research Paper in the United Kingdom?

Completed your research work and now want to publish it, am I right? Know that you have done the most arduous job completing your research. The rest of the work is easy, and it takes less time and energy to publish a research paper. A research paper publication is essential in every student’s life. The future success and academic career of a student depend highly on the paper he is going to publish or has published. Therefore, it is an important phase in a student’s life, and he must pay proper attention to it. Keeping this in view, the epicenter of our today’s discussion is how you can publish research paper in the UK. There will be a mention of all the steps in this article. Before that, let’s describe what research publication is and why it is important.

What Is A Research Publication And What Is Its Importance? 

Research publication means making scientific information publicly available. Everyone can read that information and get benefit from it. The research publication also allows the academic audience to comment on the research quality. To publish research paper in the UK, the researcher chooses an appropriate journal and submits his paper. 

Getting a research paper published in a journal holds immense importance for students. It is through the publications that researchers get known by other academicians. When a researcher publishes his work, he is basically passing on the scientific information to others in the field. This sharing of information makes a researcher successful in his career. 

How Can You Publish Research Paper? 

Publishing a research paper is not a hectic job when you know all its guidelines. Many students fail in this because they do not know those guidelines. It is why in this section of today’s article, I will discuss how a student can publish a research paper in the UK or any other part of the world. Hence, a brief description of all the points is as follows: 

Choosing A Journal 

Choosing a journal for publication is the most significant decision you will take. It is hard to decide on a journal that can bring you the desired impact factor as a researcher. Therefore, it is important to take your time and first make a list of all the top journals. Also, remember that the journal you select must be related to your field. So, make a list of all the relevant journals and do proper research on each of them before deciding. You can use some journal suggestions to assist you in choosing a journal for your research paper. 

Writing The Paper 

The second most important part of publishing is writing a compelling and well-structured paper. Such a paper should enhance your chances of publication. As a beginner writer, you may not know how to write an excellent paper. This is why the second step is about writing a paper worthy of publication. Also, there is a reason behind the placement of this point after choosing the journal. It is because when you have chosen your journal, you can read its sample research papers. After reading those samples, you will get an idea about what writing style that particular journal prefers. You can hire UK dissertation writing services for the writing process.

Making Your Submission 

After performing the above steps, you know your journal and have written a top-quality paper. Now, what is next? The next step is making the submission to your desired journal. Each journal has some specific submission guidelines, so this should be the case with your selected journal. Therefore, you must go through all the submission requirements and guidelines one by one. Thoroughly read all the information, like how to navigate through the journal and make a submission. Many UK-based journals charge students publication fees, while some are free. If you have chosen a paid journal, it is best practice to see its pricing and payment method. 

Understand The Peer-Review Process 

One of the most important parts of a publication process is peer review. To publish a research paper, you must understand this process thoroughly. Let me define this process first. A peer review is a process in which the journal sends your manuscript after its submission to an independent researcher. That independent researcher then reads and analyses your paper. He then suggests you some changes to make the paper even better. It is why you should be able to understand this process. There are high chances that the reviewer will send your document back to make some amendments. 

Production And Publication 

The last and final step is the production step. Once you have catered to all the issues in your research paper and made corrections based on the reviewer’s suggestions, it is time to get your paper published. The journal production team does a final review of your paper before publishing. Do not worry; this is just a revision about formatting and other minor things. You have done significant work already. 

Remember that your job does not finish after the publication of your paper. You have to pay attention to your paper more than you paid previously. You need to make sure that the research paper makes an impact on the academic world. For this to happen, you must keep constant track of your paper’s progress. 

Top UK Journals

After discussing the process of publishing a paper in the UK, let’s list down the top UK Journals. Hence, the list of journals along with the field is as follows: 

  • British Journal of Surgery (Medical)
  • British Journal of Ophthalmology (Medical)
  • Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering (Computer Science)
  • International Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Civil & Environment) 
  • British Journal of Clinical Psychology (Psychology) 
  • The British Journal of Sociology (Sociology) 
  • International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences (Business) 
  • International Journal on Tourism Research & Hospitality (Tourism & Hospitality)


Publishing a paper in a top UK journal is not an easy thing. The top journals check your research papers strictly. Therefore, you have to meet their requirements to publish research paper. Along with this, you must also know the steps involved in the publication cycle. The steps mentioned above can help you a lot. Therefore, read this article with proper attention.

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