Pursue A B.Com (Hons.) Degree and Boost Your Career Prospects

B.Com (Hons) is an industry-focused program teaching students business, accounting, marketing, and other business-related topics. This course will significantly benefit students who want to work in the corporate or business fields.  

Choosing the right job career after B.Com (Hons.) is critical to a prosperous professional life. Those who wish to pursue a job in the commerce and finance field can continue after graduation or pursue an academic degree M.Com (Hons.) or a career degree. (MBA, CA, CS, etc.). 

What are the Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process for B.Com (Hons.) 

It is an undergraduate specialized degree program in the field of commerce (business). The admission process and eligibility process vary from college to college. 

Eligibility Criteria – Students who have completed the 10+2 commerce examination or any other examination with at least 33% in aggregate or a minimum of 45% of aggregate for other candidates are eligible.  

Benefits of Choosing B.Com (Hons) as a Career? 

A career in commerce or business can lead to various job possibilities. People nowadays are more focused on starting their businesses/startups. B.Com (Hons) degree provides you a promising future with many opportunities. It has a lot of space to grow regarding new industry patterns, taxation, and other business-related topics.         

Essential Skills and Requirements Needed to Pursue a B.Com (Hons.) Degree Program 

Understanding of Commerce – To pursue B.Com (Hons.), it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of commerce and accounting principles. A strong foundation in mathematics is also essential as it forms the basis of many concepts studied in commerce. Furthermore, critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical abilities are required for success in this profession.

Communication skills –  Communication is necessary as B.Com (Hons.) involves a lot of interaction with clients, stakeholders, and colleagues. Writing skills are equally crucial as students are required to submit reports, proposals, and presentations.

Computer literacy – Technology is now integrated into most aspects of commerce. Students should be familiar with Microsoft Office and accounting tools.

Willingness to Adapt Changes- Students should also have good time management skills as B.Com (Hons.) involves a heavy workload and requires balancing academic and personal commitments. It is essential as the business world constantly evolves.

Comparing B.Com and B.Com (Hons): Key Differences You Should Know

B.Com and B.Com (Hons.) are both undergraduate commerce degree programs that provide students with a solid foundation in business and financial ideas. While they share many similarities, they also vary significantly.

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is a three-year undergraduate program covering many business and commerce areas. The topics covered include accounting, economics, company law, finance, taxation, and management. The course curriculum is intended to provide students with a broad knowledge of the commerce field while preparing them for entry-level roles in the industry. B.Com is appropriate for students who want to gain a general grasp of commerce and work in accounting, finance, and taxation.

B.Com (Hons.) is a three-year undergraduate program that offers students in-depth knowledge of commerce and business concepts. The course content is more rigorous and  comprehensive, encompassing advanced accounting, business analytics, financial management, marketing management, and organizational behavior.B.Com (Hons.) is designed for students who want to specialize in a specific business area want to extend their studies or undertake research in that sector. The course gives students a deeper understanding of the topic matter and analytical and critical thinking skills.

Explore the Scope and Career Opportunities of a B.Com (Hons.) Degree

The Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) course provided by CGC, Landran ensures that each inspiring individual has a flair for Business, Commerce, and Finance. CGC, Landran, one of the Top B.Com (Hons.) Colleges in mohali provide students with future finance, commerce, and banking possibilities. In the final year, it provides specialization in Banking & Insurance and Accounting & Finance.

After completing a B.Com honors course, one can make up to INR 6-8 LPA as a Tax consultant, Sales Executive as a  Fresher. The course does more than just provide the fundamental knowledge needed to pursue a job in finance. It also aids in many certification classes, including CA, CFA, CMA, and CFP.

Exciting Job Opportunities After Completing B.Com (Hons.)

  1. Cost Accountant 
  2. Tax Consultant
  3. Sales Analyst 
  4. Stock Broker 
  5. Chartered Accountant

After completing B.Com (Hons.), students can pursue M.com Hons. Degree programs offered by CGC Landran. It received the Award of Excellence in International and Industrial Collaboration by APAC News Network in 2022.

Uncover the Opportunities with an M.Com (Hons.) Degree

In this program, you will study accounting principles, money & banking systems, economic theory, and in-depth business knowledge. This course is suitable for those students who want to go to higher education or do research work in the area of statistics & other related areas. This program is also suitable for those who want to pursue CA (Chartered Accountant). It provides students to work in accounting, finance, economics, statistics, the income tax industry, banking, the stock market, and Forex.  

CGC Landran, Received the Most Emerging Management University Award in EDUFUTURE  Excellence Award By ZEE Digital in 2022, which makes CGC Landran a Top M.Com college in Chandigarh. In addition to providing skills, it offers new doors of opportunity for candidates by offering specialization in “Banking & Insurance” and “Accounting & Finance.”

After completing a master’s degree, students can pursue a wide range of jobs dealing with money flow, from money manager to personal finance adviser, accountant to an investment banker, etc.

Job Opportunities for M.Com Degree Holders 

  1.  Business Analyst
  2.  Corporate Analyst 
  3. Business Economist
  4.  Personal Financial Analyst 
  5. Senior Account Analyst 


What are the advantages of pursuing a B.Com Hons. degree over a regular B.Com degree?

Ans: A degree in B.Com Hons. over a regular B.Com degree gives you more exposure to industries and business. B.Com Hons. is more business-oriented and in-depth, it is a highly suitable and rewarding career in Chartered Accountancy.

What are job opportunities for B.Com Hons. graduates in finance and accounting?

Ans. Here are some job options for B.Com Honor graduates listed below – 
M.B.A (Masters of Business Analysis)
1. Chartered Accountant
2. Company Secretary 
3. Chartered Financial Analysis 
4. Certified Management Accountant 

3. What are the advantages of getting an M.Com Hons. degree?

Ans – The Master of Commerce Honors program focuses on accounting, business administration, the banking system, micro and macroeconomics, and other topics. Because the Master of Commerce is a postgraduate degree, guarantees expertise in commercial and business management topics.


Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran, is one of the best schools for B.Com and other degrees by offering groundbreaking industrial training, avant-garde pedagogy, and unrivaled placement drives. You, too, can be a part of this heritage Institute by enrolling as quickly as possible! Come build your career with CGC and watch your life change! Apply now 

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