5 Reasons To Choose a Junior College over a School for 12th

Are you confused about where to take admission after completing the 10th? Is it a junior college or a school? What is a junior college? Junior College, also known as Community College, is an Educational institution that offers students post-secondary course education. The junior college offers vocational courses designed to help students learn different skills required for them to learn.

In different countries, their name may be varied, but the purpose remains the same. Many people have a misconception about these colleges and are confused while choosing them over the schools for their child’s education.

The reasons for which junior college is better than schools for 12th

  • Teaching style

In junior colleges, the appointed teachers are generally professors with a doctorate. At the same time, schools have teachers with B.Ed. Degree and have little or a less experience than the professor of junior colleges. In junior college, the professor is professional in their respective subjects and has deep knowledge about every topic that you will get to study there. Their teaching is also better as they give a nonstop lecture on the topic, give illustrations, and even provide background knowledge and research information on the topic you are studying, which are crucial to preparing for the exam and help prepare important notes.

  • Subjects availability

Many of us have a misconception about the subjects available in junior colleges; This is a false accusation every junior college has the choice for the students a variety of courses and subject combinations, which even few schools lag. You can get every single course in the junior colleges and colleges that are specialists in a particular subject course like the junior college in Thane for arts.

  • Time management

Due to so much diversity in the class, the teachers may not get adequate periods to teach a particular subject deeply. Whereas in junior colleges, the professors are enough in numbers for each class, and any two of the classes are present, which reduces the workload of the professors, and they wouldn’t feel burdened to teach any class. You can also manage your studying time in junior colleges rather than be controlled by the teachers or principal.

  • Assistance

Many of us think about why junior colleges have better learning assistance than schools. The junior college professors are usually open to their students and helpful and friendly, not unlike the teachers who approach you only when they believe you need assistance. In junior colleges, students may also get resources like an academic skill center or writing centers they need.

  • Academics style

Academics include teaching, homework, and the institute’s graduation. In junior college, they provide homework online only to upgrade your practice, not pressure you to do unnecessary burden work like in schools. In school, the teachers give grades only to the comprehension that you are being taught, whereas in junior colleges, they give you good grades on your abilities as well other than the academics, such as the ability to learn new things or solve problems which are necessary for your future in higher studies.

These are the five main reasons that answer the question of why we should choose junior colleges over the high schools up to the 12th standard. You can Enroll now on our official website Holy Writ High School & Junior College for admission purposes.

End Words

You are given enough information on the topic to clear the debate on why we should choose junior colleges over schools. The misconception spread among us about junior college is also cleared in this article. Indeed, every detail is given, and you will confirm the benefit if you read the full article.

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