Reasons to Pursue BBA LLB in 2022

The corporate and investment sector deals with complex business problems which are often resolved with the help of a legal advisor. Not just the corporate but every known field need legal help to navigate through the challenges of the business world. This has increased the demand for law graduates in today’s job market. 

Knowledge of business and law is an additional benefit for graduates looking for lucrative and respectable job roles. A BBA LLB combines topics from business administration and legislative law to equip students with crucial skills in the professional world.

The scope of the BBA LLB degree is large and presents students with a wide variety of opportunities to explore. Let’s look at some of the reasons that make pursuing a BBA LLB a worthy option.

High demand for specialized degrees

A BBA LLB degree trains students in two different fields that are highly job oriented. An understanding of the concepts of commerce, business, and economics coupled with the law and administrative functions makes you an excellent candidate for business jobs.

Rather than pursuing an ordinary 3-year undergraduate degree, studying business administration with a specialization in any law field makes you a worthy candidate for the corporate world. A comprehensive understanding of both fields allows you to perform better than knowing any one of them.

A graduate with a specialized degree is recognized and respected at institutions due to the value they bring to the working atmosphere.

Career opportunities

Completing a specialized degree opens the pathway to numerous career opportunities. Since business professionals and lawyers are in high demand in their respective fields, a combined degree certainly adds more value to the lot. Here is a list of some popular career choices after BBA LLB.

  • Legal advisor

A legal advisor settles disputes, provides legal advice, and assists in the preparation of various contracts in an organization. Knowledge of business operations makes the duty of a legal advisor in a corporate easier. You also must make sure that the organization abides by the policies and regulations at the workplace.

  • Business consultant

A business consultant provides advice in different areas related to business operations. You must conduct meetings with clients and organize business projects according to their requirements.

  • Legal writer

As a legal writer, you must analyze various situations and prepare documents and drafts as per the need and requirements. This also includes writing notices, press releases, contracts, drafts, and briefs according to the demands of the situation. 

  • Financial analyst

A financial analyst analyses financial data and prepares reports and accounts based on the research performed. You must also evaluate the expenditure and profits of the organization and create plans for further financial growth.

Besides these, there are other job roles such as legal assistant, assistant advisor, taxation consultant, legal manager, etc. available for BBA LLB graduates. Comprehensive knowledge of business and law can help you land in either of the fields of your choice or make you a successful entrepreneur.

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