What Is the Scope of International Business Management?

Digitalization has transformed the way of doing business. The advent of the internet has brought key benefits to the business sector, such as increased efficiency, increased productivity, lower operating costs, improved customer experiences, better communication, faster decision-making, and improved competitive advantage. In addition, the number of organizations conducting globally is increasing daily due to globalization. As a result, the demand for international business management graduates is growing at a substantial rate in the global labor market.

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for an International Business Manager in Canada is CAD 81,139 per year. That’s not all. Studying international business management provides core concepts of international trade and commerce, preparing students to take on a challenging role in the international business industry. If you want to develop skills and expand your knowledge of international trade and commerce to pursue employment in the global job market, apply for an international business management course in Canada.

This article will discuss the top five careers students can pursue after completing international business management. Read on to discover roles and responsibilities along with their salaries.

  1. Global Marketing Director

Global Marketing Directors are responsible for promoting an organization and its commodities worldwide. They look after the global marketing function, such as activities that cover internal and external corporate communication, digital marketing, content creation, events, partner marketing, and sponsorships.

Skills: International Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, Business Strategy, and Digital Marketing

Salary: According to Glassdoor, a Global Marketing Director in Canada makes CAD 131,583 per year. 

  1. Investment Banker

Investment Bankers conduct strategic research, manage IPOs, and analyze risk and other financial advice. These corporate financial advisors help companies manage the process of raising finance for business activities.

Skills: Strong communication, networking, effective presentation, time management, and project management

Salary: According to Glassdoor, an Investment Banker in Canada makes CAD 92,336 per year.

  1. International Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Managers are crucial to any organization, regardless of size. They play a significant role in making the company a better place to work. Their primary responsibilities are to hire top talent, develop a more comprehensive onboarding process, meet the needs of the business, prepare strategies to boost employee retention, and deal with compliance issues. 

Skills: Business management, leadership, human capital development, communication, strategic thinking, and workplace culture development

Salary: According to Glassdoor, a Human Resource Manager in Canada makes CAD 83,464 per year.

  1. Global Logistics Manager

As a Global Logistics Manager, you will purchase and distribute products. Global Logistics Managers look out for the most cost-effective ways for goods transportation. They also store goods in warehouses that are not in transit.

Skills: Distribution and logistics management, staff management, problem-solving, organization, and analytical skills

Salary: According to Payscale, a Global Logistics Manager in Canada makes CAD 66,862 per year.

International business management opens doors to various career options in the global marketplace. You can earn an international business management degree in Canada for lucrative job opportunities and international exposure. Explore now!

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