How to Start a Career in Hotel Management?

A career in the hotel management industry can be rewarding and fruitful if you choose the right course and colleges. Hotel management is an exciting and challenging field to choose after higher secondary education. Candidates interested in this field can enroll in the best colleges around so that they can get the best knowledge and get into successful careers in this field.

Before choosing this field, a candidate must have a charming and eye-catching personality, good communication skills, good discipline, and problem-solving abilities. It can be the best choice for building a career in Hotel management courses in INDIA.

There are plenty of courses for a career in hotel management from which one can choose and put their footsteps in this emerging career option. Hotel management courses are available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and students after higher secondary can select this field. After graduation, they can opt for this career option. This field is full of challenges and struggles, but if someone is interested, then this course is exciting.

Along with the degree courses, there are various diploma and certificate courses as well. Before choosing this course, one must check the eligibility criteria and need to know if he or she meets the eligibility criteria for that particular course.

Here are some of the famous hotel management courses available in India. The following article will discuss additional information about the courses, such as eligibility criteria, entrance exam, and career scope.

Undergraduate degree courses in hotel management

  1. Bachelor of hotel management(BHM) –  The duration of this course is three years, and the specializations available are tourism, hospital science, and catering management.
  2.  Bachelor of hotel management and catering Technology – The course is similar to BHM, but the only difference is the duration. The duration of this course is four years and the extra year is for studying catering and food production. The subjects in this course are food science and nutrition, Hotel accounting, hospitality marketing, food safety, etc.
  3. BBA in hotel management – This is a three-year management focussed course, and in this particular course, the emphasis is more on finance and management-related study. The available subjects are hospitality management, finance management, food production, and human resource management.
  4. BA HONS in Hotel management – this is a three-year undergraduate degree that ends with a bachelor of arts degree. The subjects provided in this course are fundamentals of hospitality management, facilities management, hotel operations, etc.
  5. BA in Culinary arts – This is also a three-year course for students who want to join the hospitality industry as a chef. The subjects offered in this course are food beverage and operations management, menu planning, food production management, contemporary gastronomy, etc.

Postgraduate courses in hotel management – 

  1. MSC in hotel management – The duration of this course is two years, and this is a postgraduate course focussing on hotel management. Specializations can be taken after III semesters. The subjects offered are hospitality management, managerial economics, labor laws, marketing management, etc.
  2. Master of tourism and hotel management – The duration of this course is two years, and candidates interested in hotel management and tourism are mainly recommended to enroll in this course. The subjects offered in this course are tourism management, Gaming and casino management, service management, etc.
  3. MBA in hotel management – 2-year MBA course that deals with the management of various hotel industry sectors. This course teaches how to manage the day-to-day hotel services. The subjects offered here are front office management,  tourism products of India, cargo management, and food safety.
  4. If you want to build your career in the hotel management branch, then the Jindal school of hotel management (JSHM) is the best hotel management college to develop your career in this field. You can enroll in any of the courses mentioned above in JSHM.


Several colleges have a  reputation for building best in class. However, JSHM is the most disciplined college, along with them, the students also have to be thorough while choosing the course and be disciplined to succeed.

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