Top 10 Websites For Your Virtual UPSC Preparation

Are you sceptical about travelling to a new city to chase your UPSC dreams? To be honest, it is a big step, and it’s completely fine to want to stay at home or in your comfort zone.

This is why virtual UPSC classes are here. They can offer you the best of both worlds: realising your dreams while enjoying the peace that your home offers.

In this article, you will be introduced to the best websites for UPSC classes. Stay with us till the end, and you might find your perfect fit.

The Best Websites For Online UPSC Classes In 2023

Tons of websites can help you prepare for the toughest exam in India, but not all are equally good. However, 10 websites in particular are worthy of all the hype. Check them out in the following sections:

Drishti IAS

Drishti IAS has been training UPSC aspirants since 1999. Founded by Vikas Divyakirti, Drishti IAS offers updated UPSC study materials and intense training during mock interviews. At this institute, you will come across several mentors and teachers who use a very student-friendly approach to teaching abstract concepts. 

Vajiram And Ravi Online IAS Coaching

You must have heard about Tina Dabi who topped the UPSC Civil Services 2015 exam. Well, she took coaching from Vajiram and Ravi. 

The institute already has a good reputation owing to its faculties and research team, who are very knowledgeable and spend months curating study materials that are easy to comprehend.

Added to this, Vajiram and Ravi also try to instill discipline and dedication among students. 


Agrumguru is India’s 1st aggregator platform for UPSC optional courses. The platform is quite new, but you’ll find it worthwhile. If you’re struggling with finding the best optional teachers, just close your eyes and choose Agrimguru.

Not only this, Agrimguru is providing UPSC aspirants with everything that it takes to ace the UPSC exam. Excited to know what they’re providing? Here’s all. 

  • Optional courses from India’s finest teachers, are available offline and online. 
  • Aspirants will be provided with 5 months free library access.
  • Get free book bundles and references recommended by UPSC toppers.
  • Personalized free mentorship
  • Expert talks from UPSC toppers. Because they know the recipe for success!
  • This isn’t yet. Get Free all India prelims series. 

Isn’t that amazing? 

Shri Ram IAS

Shri Ram IAS provides online coaching to students who cannot attend its physical classes. The online classes are a replica of the offline ones, and the teachers provide excellent one-on-one guidance. From interactive lectures to detailed study materials, Shri Ram IAS provides everything.


Known as ‘India’s Largest Online Learning App’, Unacademy is one of the top websites for online UPSC classes. It employs several renowned teachers, including young professionals who have appeared for UPSC prelims and mains.

You will be thrilled to be guided by such teachers and mentors who constantly want to bring out the best in you. 

Vision IAS

Vision IAS is a proud institute with multiple successful aspirants. As an online institute, Vision IAS lets students access missed lectures, and this is a very welcome attempt to provide better guidance to students.

Clear IAS Online Classes

Clear IAS is an ed-tech startup for UPSC students who want some additional help. It has all the important study materials and test series you might need for your administrative dream. All you have to do is download the application and choose the paid services that fit your needs.

Career Launcher IAS Online Coaching

Over the years, Career Launcher has become a trusted virtual training center for UPSC aspirants. The institute has a vigorous study schedule and multiple experienced professionals who will test your potential and transform you into an able individual ready to take on challenges.

Byju’s Online IAS Coaching

Byju’s is a leading name in the world of Indian ed-tech companies. It’s safe to say that the application has been offering competitive online IAS training for a few years now. Byju’s will be the best option if you think that the entire UPSC syllabus is overwhelming and you need some more guidance.

Legacy IAS

Legacy IAS always uses a student-centric approach for their online IAS coaching. Their mentors are known for being empathetic individuals who help students flourish and grow during the UPSC journey. The institute offers a personalized dashboard as soon as you register, through which you will gain round-the-clock access to all the study materials and recorded classes.


Preparing for the UPSC is no less than an investment. All you have to do is choose wisely and slowly observe your dreams manifest into reality. Wishing you the very best. 

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