What Are the Entry Requirements for Logistics Degree in Singapore?

The global supply chain and logistics management industry is dynamic, and it requires candidates to demonstrate the necessary abilities to carry out their duties.

After graduating, choosing to take logistics degree in Singapore can help you land a glorious job and launch a successful career. You’ll be able to use problem-solving techniques to address business challenges, making you a valuable contributor to any organization.

Choosing a diploma in logistics and supply chain management, which was first offered in Singapore, can assist students as well as working professionals with reskilling and upgrading their skills to take on new job profiles in this industry.

You will be able to handle all the intricate facets of logistics, procurement, and supply chain duties thanks to the extensive structure of the supply chain management diploma programme provided in Singapore.

This can help you flourish in today’s cutting-edge corporate organizations and demonstrate your qualifications, wisdom, and talents in a way that will dazzle any recruiter.

The logistics and supply chain management generally includes inventory management, transportation management, warehousing, and purchasing, in its study modules.

The structure of the programme is specifically designed to assist you in determining the optimal path for success such as positions at the entry level that are involved in running and executing businesses, positions at the managerial level that include managing and overseeing individuals in lower positions as well as at leadership level tasks include managing and leading a corporate organization that deals with logistics and the supply chain.

What prerequisites must be met before applying to Singapore’s logistics courses?

The requirements for applying for a diploma programme in supply chain and logistics that accepts both full-time and part-time students are:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. A high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution are requirements.
  3. To study in an English-speaking nation like Singapore, you must meet the required level of English language ability. You can demonstrate verification of an IELTS score of 5.5 or above and a TOEFL score of at least 550 for this.
  4. You must receive a grade of C6 or higher in the English language portion of the GCE-O.
  5. You may also decide to finish the London School of Business and Finance’s English upper intermediate level preparation course (LSBF).

The academic board of Singapore will evaluate applicants who don’t meet any of the conventional entry standards on an individual basis for further admission.

Gain the expertise that will enable you to find work anywhere on the globe and quickly progress up the high clear ladder if you are interested in taking on a role in the organizing and movement of diverse goods and commodities.

What are you still holding out for?

Apply right away for the diploma programme!

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