A Complete Career Route Map in India for BCA Graduates

Confused regarding what to do after a BCA degree from the best college for BCA in Delhi NCR? Are you unable to decide to do the job or advance your studies after BCA? Many career choices are available for BCA graduates, including many job options and professional courses. It totally depends upon you to decide your career route to progress further.

Career options after completing a BCA degree course
BCA is the most preferred graduation course that candidates take after completing their school. After passing 12th, students start seeking admission to BCA college near me to our sue career in computer application. Students have many career choices after completing their degree course from the best college for BCA in Delhi NCR. Below are some top career choices:

  1. MBA
    After completing BCA from top colleges, students must pursue an MBA degree course to get a high-paying job. The MBA covers many topics related to management, finances, human resource and other areas. After doing MBA after BCA, students can apply for management roles and work as IT managers or IT governance executives. They can avail many high paying jobs like an investment banker, management consultant, marketing manager, business consultant and project manager.
  2. Data scientist
    Students who wish to become data scientists should check the eligibility criteria for BCA admission as it is the first step towards this career. after completing BCA from the best college, you can enter the field of data science, as it has a vast scope. The field is considered the fastest growing sector worldwide. After completing the BCA course, students can work as data scientists in finance, technology and similar organizations. To excel in the field, you should have knowledge of programming, data visualization, predictive analysis and many other topics.
  3. Digital marketer
    After BCA, one of the most preferred options for graduates is to work as a digital marketer. Nowadays, there are many businesses online, and thus, the demand for digital marketers has increased. After earning a degree from the best college for BCA in Delhi NCR, graduates can enter this sector as digital marketers. You can work as an SEO analyst, digital marketing manager, UI/UX designer, content manager, social media expert etc.
  4. Learn product manager
    With a BCA degree in hand, students can pursue a career as product managers. They are the experts on many stages of product management and deal with its promotion. They create, find and release products as per customer demands. It is one of the hottest roles after the BCA degree course, and graduates can work in market research, prototyping, user design, product analytics, product marketing and strategy development.
  5. Blockchain industry
    Students seeking admission to BCA college near me can enroll in IMS Ghaziabad to pursue the course. After a BCA degree, you can step into the blockchain industry, which is a different career choice. Nowadays, the industry needs professionals to work as digital transactions are increase g day by day. Just work on some skills et to 0065cel in this field like Ethereum, composer, solidify and smart contracts etc.
  6. Cyber security expert
    With a BCA degree, graduates can become cyber security experts. The field is especially for those who are interested in cryptography and security. Because every company requires digital security, and owing to this, there is a demand for security experts. Some skills you need to learn are data secrecy, network security, application security and cryptography.
  7. MCA
    Many students go for MCA after BCA, which is the best choice to get a high salary job. The degree course offers you skills sets and understanding to become an IT professional. With an MCA degree, you can work as a network engineer, database administrator, troubleshooter, system analyst etc. Students who wish to pursue a master’s in computer application should check the eligibility criteria for BCA admission as it is the first step for this.

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