Bachelor of Design: Eligibility, Fess, and Career Scope

B.Des, also known as The Bachelor of Design, is a 4 years bachelor’s degree program that is associated with interior design, product design, conceptual design process, graphic design, and others. The course offers in-depth knowledge to build a research staff having outstanding design expertise. It is a multifaceted course offered by many design colleges in Noida and has many specializations. after completing the course; graduates can create designs for games, interiors, textiles, fashion, and other industry segments. 

Eligibility Criteria To Get Admission

Admission to the best design colleges in Delhi NCR is done on the basis of the entrance examination. Students who are interested in pursuing the course from one of the best design colleges in Delhi NCR should fulfill the eligibility criteria:

  1. To get admission for B.Des, students have to pass their 12th class in any direction from a recognized institute on board. 
  2. In many best design colleges in Noida, there are compulsory provisions for passing 45 percent in the 12th class. 
  3. Many design institutes conduct entrance examinations to get into the best design colleges to pursue Bachelor of Design courses.
  4. Students must fulfill the age criteria that are required to pursue B.Des from the best design colleges in Delhi NCR.

Bachelor of Design Curriculum Overview And Specializations 

The Bachelor of Design course curriculum focuses on enhancing imaginative creativity as well as technical skills. The course not only includes a syllabus but also comprises seminars, lectures, workshops, practical lab work, and design studio work. Candidates can pursue a Bachelor of Design course in many specializations. B.Des specializations are offered by many best design institutes in Noida, like The design Village:

  • Fashion design
  • Product design
  • Textile design
  • Space and interior design
  • Graphic and communication design

The fees of the Bachelor of Design course vary from college to college. 

Career Options 

The course offers many job options to graduates in both the private and public sectors. Students can also get a job abroad with a degree from the best design colleges in Noida. Some job profiles with a degree in Bachelor of Design are:

  1. Graphic designer

You can work as a professional who creates designs for brand identities, product illustrations, and websites using Adobe creative suite. You can merge technical and creative skills to create innovative designs.

  1. Fashion and textile designer

With a bachelor of Design degree, graduates can work as fashion designers in the industry. Being a skilled fashion designer, you can handle everything from patterns to textures and from outfit styling to looks. 

  1. Interior designer

With a design degree from the best design colleges in Noida, graduates can make living spaces lovable and useful in offices and homes. They can work and design film, theatre, and TV sets. They can also organize an event or an exhibition.

  1. UX designer 

With a degree in design, graduates can work as UX designers and can make websites, software, video games, mobile applications, and so on. The course helps them to have the capacity to analyze the specific components of the system.

  1. Brand manager

A Bachelor of Design degree helps you become a brand manager, a person who can make strategies as per demands and make clients and company relations. Your responsibility as a brand manager is to work as a representative from the company side and can work in many advertising companies and many other organizations.

  1. Apparel designer

You can work as an apparel designer with a degree in design from the best design colleges in Delhi NCR. You can design not only clothes but also accessories for many campaigns, media, sports, jewelry, etc. Bachelor of Design is a four-year course offered by many best design institutes in Noida, like The Design Village. The course has a variety of specializations from which students can choose as per their requirements and interest. The job roles with a degree from the best design institute are generally office roles. So to earn a degree in design, enroll now in The Design Village, which offers knowledge to create professionals.

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