Best Educational Apps in India to Help Remote Teaching

In today’s society, which is dominated by digital technologies, the concept of remote teaching has risen in popularity. Remote education now has a considerably greater scope and is commonly embraced by both parents and students. Students are increasingly choosing remote learning not only for academic goals but also to master a variety of skills that are required in professional life.

With digital technology playing such a large role in education, various online teaching apps have been developed to provide students with remote learning opportunities. This post will go through the best educational apps in India that provide students with comprehensive remote teaching.

  1. E-DAC

E-DAC, a learning management system (LMS), is the best app for online teaching. The learning platform creates a world-class learning environment by integrating technology into a tailored learning approach that improves students’ learning experience. The app provides the best learning outcomes by providing precise lesson plans and committed teaching staff. E-DAC’s integrated online learning approach enables students to receive proper and timely education.

The app aims to provide learners with remote learning opportunities that will help them build a strong academic foundation while also encouraging critical thinking. To help students explore the world in a more meaningful way, the course offers pre-loaded content including texts, photographs, animations, graphics, audio, and video aids. English, Maths, EVS, Science, and Social Studies are among the core disciplines that students are taught. The learning software includes a K-8 program that prepares children for higher education and a lucrative career.

  • Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a digital learning platform for students that attempts to transform classroom instruction in English, history, math, science, computing, economics, and other disciplines into an interactive digital experience. The platform provides the best online learning experience for students in grades K through 14. E-books, films, animations, and thorough tutorials are used to educate students. Coding, public speaking, personality development, and English speaking classes are also available. The goal of this educational app for remote teaching is to provide students with a personalized, engaging, and energetic learning experience.

  • Meritnation

Meritnation is an online education platform that focuses on students’ academic requirements. The app provides live classes, interactive exercises, multimedia tutorials, and professional assistance. For students in Grades 6 through 12, the learning platform provides free NCERT solutions, chapter-specific revision notes, and subject-specific synopses. The learning platform gives classes to help students develop their personalities and soft skills and makes them future-ready. Meritnation also offers online courses to help students prepare for JEE Mains and Advanced, PMT/AIPMT/State PMTs, BBA, CPT, NDA, and other competitive exams.

  • Udemy

Udemy curates learning content so that students can gain a thorough understanding of core subjects like English, Math, and EVS. One of the best apps for online teaching, Udemy imparts teaching based on the needs of students. Knowledge is disseminated through the use of audio and visual media making learning a fun experience. The course has been designed to make learning simple, interesting, and effective. The curriculum includes live lectures, learning videos, math practice, digitalized books, question papers, quizzes, and expert mentor assistance. The software is geared toward students who wish to take professional courses and advance their careers.

  • Unacademy

Unacademy is an academic platform that attempts to use an interactive digital experience to transform children’s learning. With a comprehensive curriculum, the platform provides the best online learning available. The online teaching app provides advanced training through the use of cutting-edge technologies where learners are educated through the use of videos, instructional games, and quizzes, making learning enjoyable. Learning is made more interesting by interactive study materials that include visuals and 3-D animated content. Concepts are clarified through the use of interactive teaching methods where children are provided with a smart and interactive learning environment, laying the foundation for their future success.

  • Unfold U

Unfold U focuses on one-on-one learning and employs cutting-edge technology to deliver advanced instruction. It provides a teacher-led educational content solution to help improve student learning. The app provides students with interactive study tools that incorporate audio-visual aids and 3-D animated content, allowing them to enjoy studying. Teachers use the latest audio and visual media to impart education. The inherent skills of students are honed and critical thinking is infused in them while making them future-ready. The learning app uses interactive teaching methods to help students absorb information more quickly.

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