Exam Preparation Tips for the CBSE Class 10th Students

A significant stage of the academic career of a student is the CBSE class 10 exam. Commonly, students ask how they can ace the exam or how they should prepare for their class 10 board exams. In any case, it is dedication and hard work that is needed to score high marks in the exams. Therefore, students must stick to the study plan scrupulously and study consistently with complete attention to succeed in their final board exams.

No one can deny that it is extremely difficult to deal with the entire syllabus in a few days. Thus, students must concentrate on the 10th class syllabus and cover it as early as possible. They ought to make the most of their time judiciously and study well all through the year.

In this article, we present a set of exam preparation tips for the CBSE class 10th students:

1. Make an Appropriate Study Plan

To accomplish your goals, you need proper planning. Students should first make an appropriate study plan and then follow it to successfully prepare for CBSE board exams. They should start their preparation by checking on class lessons accurately and covering the whole syllabus systematically. Plenty of resources are available for class 10th students and hence after picking a particular content of the class 10 syllabus, they should follow it thoroughly.

2. Work out Previous Year’s Questions and Sample Papers

Students should work out the previous year’s question papers to understand the types of questions put in the exam and to evaluate their level of preparation. Practice answering the questions keeping an eye on the clock and verifying your answers against your school notes. Also, you need to practice increasingly sample question papers to score high in the exams. Practicing sample papers will help you gain confidence and develop exam techniques.

3. Avoid Distractions and Focus on Studies

How to avoid distractions is a common question asked by students during exams. Firstly, you should keep your phone in silent mode while you study. You must concentrate on your studies instead of using social media accounts. Besides, do not study while listening to music or watching TV. According to research, students who study this way retain less information.

4. Remain Positive and Confident

Strive to stay stress-free all through the whole CBSE class 10 exam preparation and you must stay calm in the exam hall. Do not interact with people who extend negativity. You may take a little time off from your studies and involve in relaxing activities such as meditating, listening to music, or playing any sport.

5. Study in a Group for CBSE Class 10 Exams

It is always fun to study with a group of friends. Listening and speaking will always help you in learning better. You will understand the concepts faster if you engage in a group study. Furthermore, you will find your boring topics interesting and extend your study schedule longer in group study sessions.

6. Look after Your Health

Exams always cause stress, and excessive stress can mess up your preparation. You must look after your health, eat healthy food, and have good sleep. It is very important to have good mental and physical conditions for the exam.


It is expected that these preparation tips will aid you in preparing for the CBSE class 10 exam. Moreover, make certain to eat healthily, sleep well, and not let fear seize your head. Fear, stress, and anxiety will hinder your preparation and affect your board exam results. In India, one of the most preferred curriculums is CBSE education, and the best CBSE schools in Pune are recognized for offering quality education. Admission to CBSE school can be achieved easily by reaching out to the school with the necessary documents

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