Why Architecture Is Becoming One Of The Most In-Demand Careers

Architecture might look like a field dedicated to raising taller and better buildings, but at the end of the day, it’s all about making people’s lives better.

Architects don’t just build houses: they build an environment. Whether working on a home or office building, people will be spending long hours at these buildings, making Architecture and Planning a required field.

This is especially true for India, a developing country in which architects are vital in raising the standard of living. With improvements in technology and education, the time is better than ever before to get into Architecture.

There are also better choices for a school of architecture and design faridabad today, with more colleges offering courses in it every day.

Below we’ve assembled what we think are some of the biggest reasons why Why Architecture Is Becoming One Of The Most In-Demand Careers:

1.It’s One of the Least Boring Careers Out There

Say what you will, but one of the best things about studying Architecture is that you’re never going to get bored.

As some people might have already guessed, it’s a broad field that requires you to train yourself in many different skills.

Digital design classes are an exciting pick and certainly very fun for creative people. Architecture is also the perfect field for people who like illustrating and sketching since you’ll often be required to develop your own unique ideas for new buildings.

2. It Has Immense Earning Potential

Remember when we said architects were a big part of improving living standards in developing countries like India? We weren’t kidding.

You’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of Architecture and Planning firms hiring fresher architects with typically higher-than-average salaries, meaning you can make a lot of money working in Architecture right out of college.

In fact, we’ll give you some numbers too. The average salary for Architects in India is just over Rs. 23,536 as of May 2022, which is significantly higher than most fresher salaries.

3. It Comes With Government Career Scopes

Government bridges, roads, and even office buildings all require the services of an architect to build. With the boom in development, India’s infrastructure expansion isn’t stopping anytime soon.

The best part is all you need to work as a state architect is a couple years of experience and a fresh perspective on Architecture.

4. You Get to Improve People’s Lives

If you’re the kind of person concerned with helping others wherever possible, you’ll be surprised to know that Architecture and Planning is the field for you.

Let’s talk about why. You’ll find that there are homeless shelters for the poor and many lawyers who do pro bono work. But it’s hard to find architects willing to work for less than the industry-standard payment.

Being an architect means you can go out there and help people in the best way possible: by directly improving how they live.

5. There are Great Architecture Colleges Out There

Something we personally thought was a significant plus is that there’s no shortage of great choices for a school of planning and architecture college in india.

Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, for example, is a Council of Architecture (COA) certified college offering some of the most reputed and competitive Architecture and Planning courses.

Don’t just believe us, though. Head to the website and check out the various things they offer students, like scholarships, a strong teaching faculty with lots of industry experience, and a vast alumni network of more than 24000 people.

Getting the Boost You Need in Architecture: A Conclusion

Our best piece of advice to you would be this: if you’re thinking of becoming an architect, don’t underestimate the value of getting into a good school of architecture and planning delhi. You should think carefully about which Architecture college can help you chase your dreams, and waste no time in preparing for its entrance exam!

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