6 Factors To Choose The Right Law College In India

You’ve heard of that line – “Nothing is above the law.” When choosing to study for a law degree, nothing beats choosing among the best law schools in India. Because there are a lot of factors involved, however, with research, you can decide on a law school to study.

It would help if you kept in mind that the law school you choose will lend its name to your resume and career. “Where did you get your law degree?” is often asked by clients and colleagues. With over 40 top law schools in Bangalore alone, you can keep these things in mind to narrow down your search.

Every student wants to get into the best law school for a bright future. But choosing the right law school involves a lot of research and introspection. Several factors should be considered before the best colleges for LLB in Bangalore.

Factors to consider before choosing any Law College Choice are as follows-

1. Curriculum:

The range and quality of academic programs are among the most important factors to consider when choosing a law school. The course curriculum structure should be checked to see if it is on par with the current education standard. In addition, care should also be taken to ensure that the program strictly adheres to legal education rules prescribed by the Bar Council of India (BCI).

2. Library:

A well-stocked library that includes the latest edition of reference works, law journals, law reports, etc., is one of the main requirements of a law school. The online database should also be there in the library. Access to technology shouldn’t just be in the library but on the law school campus.

3. Specialization:

 Traditionally, law school aspirants had to focus on getting into law school and staying competitive in challenging courses. After graduating and looking for a job, most students chose to major in the legal field. Today, however, things have changed. Law students should consider their specialization options to prepare for their future careers. A law school that offers a variety of specializations and has a multidisciplinary curriculum is better than those that only offer traditional courses.

4. Location:

One of the most important things to consider when considering how to choose the right law school is the school’s geographical location. If you attend one of the top 10 law schools, national brand recognition will often trump the importance of place. Otherwise, the area is critical. One should try to decide where one wants to live, work and practice law after law school. It would help if you tried to aim for a law school in that same geographic area. The one closest to you is the best.

5. Clinical program:

 Clinical legal education is an essential aspect of current legal education. Ensure the law school has pro bono societies like a legal aid cell, advocacy society, mock parliament, and research center in specific areas of law.

6. Placement:

One of the hallmarks of a good law school is the institution’s effort to help its students and graduates understand their career options and find satisfying employment. If recruitment has not yet taken place, a candidate for law can consider the possibility of recruitment. For example, an institute like MRU already has a group of recruiters who hire engineers and managers on campus and are likely to have good recruitment for law students.

Know-How to Apply: LLB Eligibility Criteria and Course Details

After narrowing down the number of schools based on how you think you are suited to apply, learn how they select students. Different schools may have other eligibility criteria and entry requirements. Ask them if they are considering a cut-off percentage in their entrance exam. Apply to the schools that interest you, pass the entrance exams, and then wait for the selection.

You can’t cut it in cut-off percentages, and even if you do, you might not be invited to apply. Remember that every law graduate will have several rejections. Once you enter law school, succeed in your studies, pursue a job opportunity, make a name and have fun.

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