10 Best PreSchools in Pune for Your Child’s Learning

Lexicon EDU is one of the best preschools in Pune for kids that take all initiatives to develop excellent skills in tender minds. The teaching pattern is innovative and creative and includes fun-filled activities to teach every subject in a friendly way. The curriculum is designed to keep the toddlers in mind and make them happy, engaged, and curious. It even provides opportunities to apply the learned ideas in practical life and learning. The school successfully imparts moral values and attitudes like truthfulness, gratitude, kindness, cleanliness, and team spirit to develop the best leaders of tomorrow. It is the correct destination for your kids to gain knowledge and the best qualities of life. 

10 Best Pre-schools in Pune:

In preschool, young minds learn new things and mingle with the external world. It is crucial to select the best school that not only teaches the best education but is also successful in developing superior qualities, as young minds can grasp things faster. Here is the list of the best top 10 preschools available in Pune that will help you join your kids. The list includes

1. Lexicon EDU

Lexicon EDU is the best preschool in Pune, and you can join kids of 1.6 years. You can find pre-nursery, nursery, LKG, and UKG with daycare and child development centers. The school is famous for all its event activities like 

  • Sports week
  • Science exhibition
  • Show and tell activity
  • Annual concert
  • Enjoying cultural activities and so on

Kids enjoy learning in school and find themselves busy with all the tasks and activities assigned to them. 

2. Hello Kids Bluebells 

It is a co-education school, and the classes start from playgroup to UKG and follow the pre-structured curriculum to make the kids active during their school time. Teaching is a play method that helps kids learns things without getting bored.

3. Kangaroo Kids International Preschool 

It is an international playschool that follows an integrated curriculum and a co-education day school with the best fee structure. It is the right choice to join your kids to follow an integrated curriculum.

4. Kinderpillar Preschool 

It is also a co-education pre-primary school and starts classes from toddler level to UKG. The admission process is simple, and you can join your kids for better and quality education. 

5. Cambridge Champs International Preschool

Play-way teaching methods and exciting activities are the school’s unique features, including classes from pre-nursery to UKG with the English language as the teaching medium. 

6. Little Einsteins

The specific school offers several exciting activities to engage the toddlers, the infrastructure is highly appreciable, and the fee structure is affordable. It is a co-education school and functions in the morning shift. 

7. Sanfort preschool

The school includes a teaching program for the toddler level and is activity based which helps kids understand concepts better. It is a day school and follows a prescribed curriculum. 

8. Pumpkin Patch

It is a day school and includes classes from toddler level to playgroup and is famous for offering the best extracurricular activities to engage the kids healthily. 

9. St. Mary’s Church Nursery School

It is a play way teaching school and includes a program for playgroup to pre-primary level at an affordable fee structure.

10. Lexicon Kids Shikrapur, Shirur

It is a multiple intelligence school and includes classes from pre-nursery to UKG and follows the curriculum designed for young minds. The fee structure is affordable and reliable in all aspects. 


Pre-school education plays a significant role in developing behavioral and intellectual skills in kids. The above list helps you explore the best school for your kids and also helps in finding the school that matches your expectations. Joining a preschool is crucial for various reasons, and it requires patience to teach and handle young minds. The above-listed schools are thriving as the teaching staff are patient and care for the children with love and affection. The kids enjoy learning and practicing cleanliness and hygiene habits and realize the basic disciplines crucial in their later stages of education. 

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