10 Common Problems in Writing Essays- How to Avoid Them

Writing an essay can be a tough contest for many individuals. As a student, you have to write lengthy assignments, but you may lack the ideas that could help you generate an appealing essay.

Even the brilliant students get confused sometimes because of the assignment’s complexity.

To make your essay writing skills better and take yourself among the top-rated essay writers, it is quite important to learn the tactics that could help in making the lines more appealing.

Without using those techniques, it would be quite difficult to seek the attention of the reader and keep him engaged.

In this blog, we will talk about the fundamentals that are necessary to add while writing an essay. Also, the main problems will be highlighted that students make in an essay.

Components of a Good Essay

Likely, you may have written many essays in your student life and you can have expertise in generating an appealing essay.

However, many students miss some common elements in their content that results in losing the value of the essay even after putting so much effort.

The main component that will let your reader engage is the structure of the content. Without it, the reader may face difficulty in reading the line and understanding it.

That means you have to cover the entire essay in a proper structure that could be easy to read for the audience.

Moreover, adding images to the content make it more interesting and understandable for the audience.

You need to add some visuals between the lines so people can easily understand the intent of the topic. Most importantly, the lines must be relevant to the topic.

This is the best tactic that will help you keep the reader engaged on your page for a long time.

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Here are The 10 Common Problems in Essay Writing

Some students often complain about not getting healthy content even after so many efforts.

The reason is that they make such mistakes that lead to devaluing the content and making it boring for the readers.

In this section, we are going to talk about the common mistakes that many students make while writing an essay.

Problems in Writing Essays

In addition, we will tell the solution for those issues so they can easily come over the problem and make the content valuable.

1. Using the unappealing headline

unappealing headline

The most important element that will let you seek the attention of the audience is the main heading of the topic. The more appealing the title will be more audience you will get.

Therefore, you have to focus on this important factor.

Readers get the idea about the topic from the main headline. If they do not understand the intent of the title, they will not take interest in the topic furthermore.

Tips to avoid

For getting an appealing headline for the topic, you must read some other author’s thoughts who are writing on the same topic.

Go for the top-rated essays on the search engine. This will give you a brief overview of the topic title.

After that, get the main theme of the content and figure out the main keyword of the topic, as it will give an idea to the readers about the entire topic.

2. Increasing the length

Often you can see lengthy essays and blog posts on the search engine that are placed at the bottom of the page. The reason is that the topics are dragged intentionally to increase their length. 

But readers on the other hand like to read the content that is covered comprehensively. So, you must cover the topic in the best way without increasing its length and keeping it to the point.

Tips to avoid

The best solution for getting control over the length of the topic is by covering the content in limited words. Set a limit for the entire topic and try to keep the content between the restricted word count.

By applying this method, you will automatically eliminate the extra lines from the topic that are not relevant to the title and will make it more informative for the audience.

3. The gap between the ideas

gap between the ideas

One thing that many writers forget while presenting the content in the essay is that they lose the main theme of the topic and start adding lines that are not relevant to the topic.

This increases the gap between your thoughts and the reader gets distracted while going through the lines.

While reading the essay, it becomes difficult for others to understand the actual theme of the content as the lines continue to change the directions and make it inconvincible.

Tips to avoid

The students must make sure that they get stick to one point only. Once they provide all the ideas about one thing, move to the other one.

It will not only maintain the sequence of the lines but also make it more understandable for the readers.

4. Being irrelevant

Relevancy of the content is the key factor to keeping the readers engaged for long. If you are missing this element, no one will bother to read the content until last.

This is a very common mistake noted in the writing of students as they start making in the content. They often miss the main track and start adding such ideas in the content that have no concern with the topic.

Tips to avoid

In order to make the lines relevant to each other and avoid unnecessary ideas in the content, you must follow the structure of the topic and write the essay according to that roadmap.

This is the best way to stick to the main point and maintain the fluency of the text until last.

5. Using copied content   

copied content

An essay can only be informative and valuable if the ideas present in the content are unique to the readers. But here some students miss the tactic and make the content plagiarized.

This often leads to reducing the worth of the content.

If you are using the copied lines in the essay that are written by any other author, you are actually wasting your time as well as the readers. So, this act must be stopped and the lines must be kept unique.

Tips to avoid

Eliminating the copied lines from the content is quite important and for it, students can get help from an online plagiarism checker. This tool highlights all the lines present in the content that is taken from other sources. 

Also, it provides the source of plagiarism from where the lines are copied. You can easily remove all those lines from there that are matching with other sources and give it a unique look.

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6. Adding surveys without source

If you are using the survey and stats in the content, it will be a good tactic. But adding those analyses in the essay without any proof or source will make it fake for the readers.

This is one of the most common errors that many readers make while writing an essay and this problem must be removed from the content to increase the authenticity of the lines.

Tips to avoid

It is a common practice of reading the ideas of other authors before generating your article. So, you can give a link to that webpage from where the content is copied.

It will help you avoid the issue and make the content more informational. So, you must provide the source of information in the content to increase the authenticity.

7. Lengthy paragraphs

Lengthy paragraphs

Presenting the content in lengthy paragraphs is never appreciated. The reason is that it is not a user-friendly technique and readers get bored while reading the lengthy paragraphs.

This mistake will lead to reduce the interest of the audience and make the essay boring for them.

In order to maintain the engagement factor, you need to break the paragraph in every third or fourth line. This will make it easy for the reader to understand the intent of the content.

Tips to avoid

The best technique to reduce the number of paragraphs from the content and build the interest of readers is by using the images in the content and making it more attractive for them. 

You need to break the lines and add some visuals between the texts to make them more appealing. Also, it will be easy for the readers to understand the intent of your essay.

8. Fancy Words

Fancy Words

What is the reason for using fancy and tough terms in the content of the message can be delivered in a simple way?

This is a problem for many students as they start making the lines very complex for the readers while using uncommon words in the content.

This is one of the worst practices that you are making to increase the worth of the page. So, it is quite important to write an essay that everyone can understand easily.

Tips to avoid

To escape this issue and make the lines easily readable for the readers, you need to use simple terms in the lines that are commonly used everywhere. Moreover, you have to avoid keyword stuffing in the content and give a natural look to the entire content. 

9. Bad punctuation

Punctuation plays a vital role in maintaining the fluency of the text. Many students are weak in this section and they use grammatical mistakes in the content that leads to reducing the worth of the content. They put a lot of effort into generating unique content but in the end, get lower grades because of punctuation errors.

So, this element can’t be ignored and students must focus on it while reading the essay or assignment and make the lines grammatically perfect.

Tips to avoid

The top recommended method that will help you make the content perfect is by using an online grammar checker. By putting the content in this online tool, you can figure out the mistakes from the lines and fix those errors with a single click.

10. Repetitive lines

Using the same line and the same idea repeatedly makes the content uninteresting. Readers will soon get bored of the essay when they will get a similar line everywhere.

So, you must get over this mistake and make the lines interesting for the audience. If you are lacking this tactic, there are very high chances that the readers will get bored of your content.

Tips to avoid

The best method of removing the repetitive lines from the essay is by keeping the lines to the point and making them comprehensive. Readers will also take interest in reading such an essay, as they will not have to go through lengthy paragraphs.

Final Verdict 

Writing essays is a part of life. As a student, you have to write essays and assignments. But for it, you need to learn the basic rules that could lead to generating appealing content.

Moreover, you have to know the mistakes that disturb the fluency of the text and remove them from the content to keep the readers engaged.

All the essentials that are needed to make the article more appealing are discussed in this article. Hope it will help you easily generate essays and make them informative for the readers.

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