How to Crack NIFT 2023 Examination 

New career paths are emerging in this age of change, replacing outdated professions. Career opportunities underwent a significant change in 2020, with many previously unheard-of fields of work becoming more viable. Today, every occupation is beneficial if it meshes well with the surroundings and one’s passions. Anything you want to be is possible, whether it’s a technical or a fashion designer. Design degrees in textiles, knitwear, lifestyle accessories, fashion communication, leather design, and fashion design are challenging yet rewarding career alternatives. The NIFT Study Material 2023 for the entrance exam is required if you wish to pursue a profession in the fashion industry and technology. NIFT diploma or degree programs are required. 

Every year, the National Institute of Fashion Technology or NIFT conducts exams to determine which students are qualified enough to enroll in various undergraduate and graduate programs in fashion and design that include technology as an integral part of the curriculum. To help you prepare for the NIFT entrance exam in 2023, here are some quick tips:

Some Basic But Essential Tips to Crack NIFT 2023 

#Tip 1: Improve Your Creativity And Imagination 

One of the most important skills in the fashion industry is the ability to apply one’s imagination when coming up with fresh ideas for apparel or for in-house design trends. The ability to think outside the box is essential. In addition, work on your observation skills and see what you can glean from what you see. Creativity can only be developed by cultivating one’s passions, exposing oneself to new ideas, and engaging one’s inner thoughts. As a result, you’ll need to improve your ability to pay attention and pay attention skills. 

#Tip 2: Improve Your Speed and Accuracy by Practicing Sample Papers 

Old practice papers might assist students to learn about paper and questioning patterns by practicing with them again and again. You’ll have a good idea of how long it will take you to finish each question and how difficult it is. Time management is one of the most critical considerations. Answering all of the questions within the allotted time frame is critical. 

#Tip 3: Attempt New Things on a Regular Basis 

A candidate’s observation and quickness must be improved by planning and completing ten GAT questions and ten rapid sketches each day. 

#Tip 4: Increase Your Focus On Drawing Techniques 

You’ll need to know how to sketch if you want to work in the design sector. Writing down your thoughts is essential if you are going to be able to communicate them. As a result, your unique notion is of little use. Focus on sketching in order to get better at it. In your drawing, you must be able to express your observation and inventiveness. You can improve your sketching skills over time if you practice them consistently. 

#Tip 5: Consistently Present Your Ideas Via Visual Means 

It is impossible to think of new ideas without the aid of visuals, which have a lasting impact on our daily life. Information can be retained for longer periods of time when pictures and text are used together.

#Tip 6: Stay Confident by Taking Notes 

There is no feasible way to review the entire curriculum at the same time. Make quick notes on crucial issues so you can go back and review them while you’re out and about. It’s usually a good idea to practice ahead of time. Maintaining a positive frame of mind will help you remain composed. Stress and anxiety can be reduced by solving NIFT sample papers on a regular basis as per the experts of NIFT Coaching

#Tip 7: Be Conscious of Your General Knowledge 

Reading design-related publications such as newspapers and magazines will keep you up to date on current events and help you broaden your general knowledge. Also, keep an eye on the news on television and make sure that no fashion-related story is left out. It’s a good idea to keep up with the latest news and developments by perusing the website’s resource center. 

#Tip 8: Take a Realistic Approach 

When it comes to design, the practical approach is key. Rather than copying verbatim, use the references as a starting point for your own design. Practice makes a man perfect, therefore don’t waste your time watching television and instead put your efforts into your job. 

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The Syllabus for the NIFT Program 

First and foremost, ensure that you are familiar with the course materials. This will ensure that you don’t waste your time on anything unnecessary. Follow the NIFT entrance exam outline exactly. Keep in mind that this allows you to concentrate entirely on the subject matter at hand. 

The Pattern of the Paper 

Candidates must be familiar with the format and style of the exam paper in order to adequately prepare for it. In order to prepare for the entrance exam, you must practice the questions that will be asked, review the previous year’s papers, and take practice tests. 

Two major sections make up the admission exam and they are – 

● Creative Aptitude Test 

● General Aptitude Test. 

Applicants for creative positions are tested on their intuition, observational skills, ability to come up with a concept, and design skills. The use of color and illustration is an important part of the test. Parts of the GMAT are interconnected. A candidate’s language aptitude is tested

during the application process. The English comprehension test measures a student’s ability to comprehend and respond to written questions. Ability to Infer and Apply Logic is a measure of a candidate’s analytical abilities. Knowledge of current events and global topics is tested under the General Aptitude and Current Affairs. Case Study exams gauge your reactivity to a certain set of circumstances. 

Tips for GAT Preparation 

The GAT test includes a wide range of academic disciplines, including reasoning, mathematics of 10th standard, and English language and comprehension. Three-pronged studies in static GK, current affairs, fashion and industry awareness are needed for the Business Domain sector. It is possible to study academic courses in a classroom setting at a reputable and trusted institution like OPUS, or you can use self-study resources like OPUS’ excellent competitive preparation books. Make your own unique books instead of buying a collection of all-in-one books. If you’re going to succeed, you have to be able to overcome your flaws while also increasing your talents. There are many topics to cover, thus here is a thorough list: 

English Language 

Grammar and syntax are the focus of the questions. Synonyms, antonyms, and idioms and phrases are some of the topics included in the test. Other topics include spotting errors, cloze tests, filling in the blanks, and rearranging sentences and passages. Make an effort to expand your vocabulary. 


In addition to the more traditional verbal and nonverbal communication methods, there are a variety of nonverbal communication methods as well, including syllogism, coding-decoding, sitting arrangement, ranking and syllogism. 

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Knowledge Of Current Events, As Well As Information About Fashion

● Be Knowledgeable About Current Events And Fashion Info 

Fashion-related Candidates’ static GK and current affairs focus on fashion news. Reading newspapers and fashion magazines helps you keep current. Note product placements and slogans in ads. Most of the GK section’s content is related to fashion, including corporations, logos, fashion terms, entertainment events, celebrities, and the Miss World and Miss Universe crowns. India’s history, culture, and sports. Understand national political, social, and economic affairs. 

Quantitative Aptitude

Permutation n Combination and Probability are also included in this section of the Quantitative Aptitude test. 


Set your sights on the things you desire to achieve. Have an idea of how long it will take you to reach your goal. Knowing how long to spend on each section is essential. Consider your preparation timetable before you begin. And don’t forget that practice is the only way to become the best you can be. 

Improve Your Ability to Draw 

Sketching is one of the skills needed for success in the fashion industry. If you can’t put your inventive and innovative thoughts down on paper, they’re worthless. Enroll in a drawing training program and practice sketching every day to overcome the problem of poor drawing. Because you never know when you’ll be struck by an idea, it’s always a good idea to keep a notebook on you at all times. Having a notebook with you will motivate you to work out when you’re on the go. It’s critical that the figures are in the correct proportion. Your pencil stroke must be straight and clean, with no traces of the past. Be creative and original in your drawings, which will represent your ability to observe. Take heart: learning to draw well takes time and effort; it isn’t a one-time thing. 

Make a Bunch of Sketches 

Consider drawing anything that comes to mind.. Keep trying new things, even if you don’t end up liking them. Go through newspapers, journals, publications, and websites. Look for hints in the ads and banners you see. 

Make an Unrestricted Drawing 

The importance of sketching has already been discussed. It’s time to put your thoughts and ideas down on paper. The eraser should be tucked away during practice drawing sessions. As a result, your lines will become bolder, sharper, and cleaner. 

Sketch with a Delicate Touch 

What’s the use of drawing in the dark only to discover errors later? Is time-consuming since you have to erase so much. Furthermore, it has an effect on your state of mind. Start with a light sketch, then darken it as you become more comfortable with it. 


Finer details enhance art and beauty. Pay close attention to the smallest of details, whether it’s on a person’s face or a piece of clothing. A designer’s work should be full of nuances, subtleties, and minute observations. Make a concerted effort to improve your human illustration abilities. Focus more on the shapes and proportions. Dexterity pays dividends in more than one area. 

Master the Art of Writing 

Calligraphy is a vital skill to have for producing banners and posters. Learn a variety of lettering styles if you aren’t already an expert, as they will give you a new perspective on your work. 


It is a waste of time and money to sketch when you don’t understand what you’re going to accomplish or how to achieve it. As a result, before you begin to carry out your plans, make a detailed strategy and visualize your thoughts. Sketching will not be improved by a hazy or congested field of view. 

Begin By Keeping Things Simple 

Start with something simple like a logo or a T-shirt design. In the beginning, stay away from creating scenes. Keep in mind that while answering the questions and solving the tasks, you only have a limited amount of time. 

Increase your Speed 

It doesn’t matter how good your design and imagination are if you can’t put them into action swiftly. Within a constrained time window, you must showcase your creativity and originality. Make sure you are able to carry out tasks without becoming anxious, as this will slow you down. 

Keep a Small Number of Notes Handy for Revision 

It’s impractical to go over all of the material in-depth when rewriting. Make a list of all the important points and include them in your notes. The short notes will help you do better on the test. 

Get the Fundamentals Right 

When preparing for an entrance exam, a shaky background won’t cut it. A thorough understanding of every topic in the syllabus is required. Competitive tests are all about logic, and memorizing formulas can help in some circumstances. In order to do well in the test, aspirants should concentrate on overcoming their weaknesses while strengthening their strengths. Students should prepare for the exam in a time-bound manner.

The Final Tip: Manage Your Anxiety 

Worrying too much about the exam can cause students to underperform instead of putting in the effort and following the NIFT entrance exam 2023 preparation suggestions and NIFT study material 2023. Here are a few pointers to assist job seekers to avoid stress and focusing solely on improving their performance. Prepare for NIFT 2023’s admission exam by following these guidelines. Overcome your nerves! Before exams, candidates should be in peak physical and mental condition. You don’t need to be stressed out at the last minute. Keep your calm and remain relaxed by taking frequent pauses and putting down your studies a few days before your NIFT admission exam. Best luck with NIFT Results 2023.

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