How To Prepare AZ-700 Exam Quickly? All Important Info About AZ-700 Exam

Are you getting ready to prepare for the AZ-700 exam? With a thorough study guide, this blog will show you how to get ready for the AZ-700 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions exam!

As part of a complete security enablement plan, you will be evaluated on your understanding of how to manage and implement hybrid networking, core networking architecture, routing, and monitoring to protect data and applications in the cloud and hybrid environments.

What will the AZ-700 exam teach you?

Exam AZ-700, which assesses your knowledge of these technologies, covers Azure ExpressRoute as well as site-to-site and point-to-site VPN connections. design and build the architectures for Azure Virtual WAN, name resolution, private IP addresses for virtual networks, and cross-virtual network connection; Additionally, create and install Azure Privat IP addresses, as well as design, implement, secure, and monitor networks using the Azure Firewall, network security groups (NSGs), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and other technologies.

Passing the Microsoft Certified: Network Engineer Associate credential exam demonstrates your ability to recommend, plan, and implement Azure networking solutions; manage them for performance, resilience, scale, and security; and deploy them via the Azure Portal and other methods. Your criteria for the Microsoft Certified: Network Engineer Professional certificate are also satisfied by this exam.

Who needs to sit for the AZ-700 Exam?

Attempt the exam at your best:

  • If you’re interested in finding out more about the Infrastructure, Networking, and Security of Azure.
  • You might find success as an administrator, software developer, or network engineer.
  • If you wish to develop your networking skills and master the use of various cloud-based networking services.

What to predict from the AZ-700 exam?

The Network Engineer exam will take you 120 minutes to complete in total, including 30 minutes for surveys and evaluations. Your capacity to plan, carry out, and manage hybrid networking, core network architecture, routing, and private access to Azure services will be put to the test.

A Microsoft Azure Networking Engineer is in charge of planning, implementing, and managing Azure networking solutions. They should be able to build up hybrid networking, connect to other networks, route traffic, and maintain security while using Azure services privately. In order to provide complete Azure solutions, network engineers frequently work with a wide range of other Azure professionals.

  • Exam Name: Microsoft Azure AZ-700: Microsoft Azure Network Engineer
  • Exam Time: 120 Minutes
  • Total Number Questions: 40-60
  • Types Of Questions: Multiple Choice
  • Language of AZ-700 Exam: English
  • Pre-Requisite: Azure Administration Skills, Knowledge of Networking, Hybrid Connections, and Network Security
  • Fee For AZ-700 Exam: $165

You can also get this information from the official Microsoft Website 

AZ-700 Exam topics include:

Specific examination skills evaluations include:

  1. Design, Implement and Manage Hybrid Networking (10–15%) 

This domain’s primary focus will be on developing, installing, and managing Azure ExpressRoute and site-to-site VPN connections.

  1. Design and Implement Core Networking Infrastructure (25–30%) 

Designing, implementing and administering private IP addressing for VNets, cross-Vnet connection, and WAN architecture will be the key topics in this area.

  1. Secure and Monitor Networks (15–20%) 

Designing, implementing, and managing firewall deployment, network security groups (NSGs), deploying a web application firewall (WAF), and monitoring networks are the key topics covered in this area.

  1. Design and Implement Private Access to Azure Services (10–15%)

Designing, implementing, and managing service endpoints as well as setting up VNet integration will be the key focuses of this domain for the specific platform as a service (PaaS) service.

Advantages of Passing the Microsoft AZ-700 Exam:

Definitely, having your skills certified by Microsoft elevates your profile, but what employment chances and advantages can you have if you take the necessary exams and invest the necessary time in your thorough AZ-700 exam preparation? The enticing advantages listed below are some of the things you can gain by passing this Microsoft exam.

  • You will get the highest salary.
  • You have more job opportunities. 
  • Microsoft certification will increase your professional profile.
  • You will complete knowledge of designing and implementation. 

How to prepare for the AZ-700 Exam?

The Microsoft AZ-700 exam is regarded as challenging. With the right preparation, you may pass this certification exam without too much worry. We’ll look at the tried-and-true advice in this post to help you study and pass this test the first time. Let’s get into some exam advice!

  1. Explore the Official Microsoft website for better clarification:

The official website has all the information you need to pass the AZ-700 exam. You’ll find information about the syllabus subjects, question types, requirements, and any other details that can aid in your understanding of this exam. With the help of the information on this website, you may decide if the exam is right for you and obtain the appropriate study materials.

  1. Grasp the core concepts of the AZ-700 Exam:  

Spend some time reading over the Microsoft AZ-700 exam objectives carefully. Make sure you are familiar with the many topics and subtopics included in this Microsoft exam. Additionally, keep in mind the importance of each topic.

  1. Practice the AZ-700 exam Questions: 

The Microsoft AZ-700 Practice Test is essential for passing the exam. To boost your level of comfort with the Microsoft AZ-700 exam, you should take many practice questions. You’ll be able to see where you’re strong and weak so you can focus on improving the areas that need it.

  1. Enroll in a training program:

Microsoft offers an instructor-led training program designed to give candidates the abilities and information required for the exam. On the official website, you may find out more about it, as well as other online programs that are offered. Several reliable training websites in addition to Microsoft provide a variety of tutorials and video courses for Microsoft AZ-700 exam preparation.

  1. Attend study sessions and engage with online communities:

Microsoft is a well-known and respected provider of IT certifications; new developments frequently take place to help professionals perform at the highest level. You will be playing with your job if you miss an essential update. You should therefore sign up for several online communities or groups related to your exam. You can gather all the necessary information by visiting several web forums.


Having the proper abilities is one thing; having the proper attitude is quite another. On the other hand, having Microsoft certifications may greatly benefit your job in Azure Networking. If you have a solid exam preparation plan, the AZ-700 exam isn’t particularly challenging to pass. Do your homework and have fun learning!

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